Wholesale Patriot Dripper RBA

Wholesale Patriot Dripper RBA

Wholesale Patriot Drippers are now available through Vapor Hub. We have secured an exclusive distributor deal with the manufacturer of the Patriot RBA’s. We can get you any amount of Patriot Drippers at Wholesale prices.  There is no MOQ on your wholesale orders, but you must send us your re-sellers license in order to get Patriot Drippers at Wholesale prices. We can offer you Wholesale Patriot Drippers in Chrome, or Brushed Stainless Steel. All you have to do is go to our contact page, or send us an email direct to info@vapor-hub.com and we can get your vapor store Patriot Drippers Wholesale!

The Patriot Dripper is one of the most popular RBA’s out there in Vapor Stores nationwide because it is a high quality made dripper made in the USA, and it is available at an affordable price. The Patriot Dripper is around  the same cost of Filipino Drippers. Vappers wold rather spend the money on a USA made dripper that is also bigger at 22mm. This gives you more room to build and have wicking. Now you can put the Patriot Dripper in your Vapor Store by purchasing wholesale from Vapor Hub. We have a large inventory on hand for you to purchase Patriot Drippers Bulk at Wholesale prices! Send us an email today to start processing your Patriot Wholesale Dripper order from us as the exclusive distributor!!!

Wholesale Patriot Drippers Available:

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