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If you are looking for a Vapor Store Thousand Oaks, then look no further. Vapor Hub is one of the newest vape shops in the Ventura County area. With a premium line of e-liquid and electronic cigarettes, Vapor Hub is the premier location to get your vape supplies from in Thousand Oaks. We manufacturer our own e-liquid and currently have a full line of over 40 flavors premium e-liquid. Some of our e-juice flavors include, e The King, Cotango, Strawberry Lemonade,  Carmel Cap, Pink Razz, Juicy Peach, Banana Cream, Orange Cream, Orange Clouds Comp Juice, Vanilla Cupcake, monkey bread, Melon Ball, watermelon lemonade, Cola, vanilla cupcake, Black Berry, Black Cherry, energy drink, Apple Peach, Krazy Kola, Dark tobacco + Honey, Menthol, Hawaiian funk, Gummy Candy, Peach Mango, Mint Candy, Peach Pear, Tangy Tart, Cherry Lemonade, Churro, Code Red Mt. Dewey, TC3 ( dark tobacco plus coconut), apple pear, and many new flavors being released weekly!

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If you are looking for the best Vapor Store Thousand Oaks, then make the 5 minute drive from T.O. and go to Vapor Hub on the West side of Simi! We carry genuin Joyetech products, variable volt mods like the Tesla in black and silver, the MVP box mod, Provaris, Vamo V2 /Vamo V3, and new products coming every week. We also carry a full line of mechanical mods from the Phillipines like the Grand Vapor missiles in a wide variety of hand painted designs, Sentinels, Titans, and many more! We have cheaper mechanical mods in our Vapor Store Thousand Oaks like the K100/K101, Magneto, and Sigelies. Our Vapor Store Thousand Oaks is stocked with the best tanks you can get for the price. We currently carry the Mega and mini BCC tanks, Kanger / Kanger Protank 2, and DCT carto tanks for a premium e-liquid experience. If you are into rebuildable atomizer tanks, we have high end Filipino mods like the Nimbus, Trident, Fatty Atty, and Chronis Drip tips.  We also carry some starter RBA tanks like the IGO-W, AGI, IGO-L, and many others in the lower end RBA tanks for leaning.

Vape Store Thousand Oaks

Vapor Store Thousand Oaks Has The Best E-Liquid

When looking for the best Vapor Store Thousand Oaks, with the best e-liquid, then you need to come down to Vapor Hub in Simi Valley and try all of our excellent e-juice flavors for FREE. Once you find the flavor that you like, we have a menu system to make ordering easy. Our bottles are 15ml and are only $12!!! If you enjoy our flavors so much, you can order online, and we can ship your order anywhere and lightning fast! So don’t look for a Vapor Store Thousand Oaks come to Vapor Hub and get the highest quality e-liquid, and products that the vaping industry has ever seen! We have a relaxed bar atmosphere, and our employees can help you answer any questions that you may have!

Vapor Store Thousand Oaks

 E-Liquid T.O. Location – Electronic Cigartte, Mods And More! 

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Vapor Shop Thousand Oaks

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