Vape Mods That Are Hot, Affordable, Colored and Perform

Vape Mods are the newest trend for users who have advanced from e-cigarettes, to ego kits, to variable voltage devices, and now to rebuildable atomizers and colored  Vape Mods. If you are looking for the newest, most popular, and top performing Vape Mods then you need to check out the wide section of affordable and top performing colored Vape Mods on the market right now. At Vapor Hub we are located in the heart of where the vaping industry started, and where all the newest trends are set. We are constantly attending trade shows and vape conventions to find the newest and  most innovative Vape Mods to enter into the market. We have built some great relationships in the vape industry, and we are typically the first to pick up the newest and best Vape Mods that are being released. Check out the full site to see the wide section of Vape Mods and vapor products that we have available for great prices. We only pick up the best of the best in the industry to ensure our customers get the best Vape Mods and products that are available. Here is a list of some of the top selling color Vape Mods that we have available for retail on our website. We always try and carry the newest devices, weather they are mods, or box mods, we always carry the newest, and the most sought after devices. If you are looking to get some hardware for your store at wholesale prices, please fill out the form to the right to have a sale rep contact you with our wholesale catalog.

Vape Mods Limitless Sleeve Mod In Many Colors

The Limitless Sleeve Vape Mod is the newest mechanical vapor device to be released. This is a very unique and highly innovative design that not only performs well, but is sold at a great retail price. This is the Vapor Hub’s staff number one pick for the best Vape Mod. The Limitless Sleeve Mod is an affordable mechanical mod that allows you interchange a limitless number of possible colored sleeve options to change the look and dynamic of your mod at a fraction of the price without having to buy a brand new mod. There is a wide section of colors and designs that are available for consumers to order just the sleeve. Here is a picture of what Limitless Sleeve mod and components look like with the revolutionary rail system button. If you are looking for  new Vape Mods, pick up the Limitless Sleeve at an affordable price.

Vape Mods 2015Vape Mods Copper


Vape Mods By Kryptonite – The Colored KSS Mod

The KSS Vape Mod by Kryptonite is the newest colored option mods to hit the vapor market. The KSS mod is an all copper mod that is cerakoted in a wide variety of colors like white, Tiffany blue, gun metal grey, and black. The KSS Vape Mod has a stainless steel button, locking ring, and a smooth button throw. The hybrid top cap on the KSS mod allows a direct connection from atomizer to battery giving you a high performing mod. If you are looking for new Vape Mods that no one else has, then you need to pick up the KSS mod with the matching colored  454 atty to set your self apart from others having the same mod, and blow away your friends with this high performing device. Below is a picture of that the KSS Vape Mods look like in a few options of colors. Click the picture to read more about the KSS mod!

Vape Mods KSSVape Mods White


Vape Mods By Tac Mods USA – Colored Ar V1.5 Mod

Vape Mods by Tac Mods USA include the Ar Mod V1.5 and Ar Cannon, the 26650 version of the Ar Mod. If you are looking for durable and rugged colored Vape Mods, then the Ar Mod V1.5 is for you. If you are afraid of scratching your copper mod, dripping it, damaging it, and need an all day mod that you dont have to worry about damaging, then you need to pick up an Ar V1.5. The new Ar V1.5 Vape Mods have upgraded internal button designs, and larger top contacts to ensure you do not strip or dmage your top pin connections. The Ar V.15’s come in a wide variety of unique color options that are powder coated or hydro dipped to ensure that no one else has the exact same Vape Mods as you. Below are some of the pictures of unique Ar V.15 Vape Mods that are available for retail purchase.

Vape Mods ArVape Mods Yellow


Vape Mods That Have Unique Colors And Out Perform Anything Else On The Market 

Now is the time to upgrade or get some new Colored Vape Mods that are unique and out perform anything else on the market.  Browse our site for the best and affordable Vape Mods that we have available in a wide variety of Colors. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, live chat, or give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have! Browse the wide variety of vape mods that we have available by clicking any of the links on the website. If you are looking for vape mods wholesale, click on the banner to the right to fill out a form to get a sales rep to contact you about getting these devices wholesale.

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