Looking For USA Made E-Liquid Distribution In China

Vapor Hub International, Inc. is the leading distributor of USA made eliquid into Taiwan. We have many popular brands of elquid made in the USA that can be imported into Taiwan like BINARY ejuice. If you are a distributor, vapor store, or just looking for wholesale USA eliquid in Taiwan, we can help you get top selling premium made ejuices to you. We just came back from a large show in Shenzhen where we met with many distributors about BINARY eliquid being distributed in Asia. Customers in Taiwan are looking for premium, top selling USA made eliquid with good unique flavors. Most eliquids are simple flavors like tobacco, menthol, strawberry, bananna, etc. Customers are seeking for good blends of unique USA made eliquid flavor profiles. Binary eliquid is one of the leading USA made ejuice brands that is manufactured in a full ISO, GMP certified lab. Our capabilities of producing BINARY eliquid in large quantities reach roughly 15 million bottles per month. We are actively looking for more distributors, and wholesalers to continue to push BINARY eliquid in Taiwan. Our USA made eliquid received great reviews when in Shenzhen for our flavor profiles, bottles, unique nicotine levels, and marketing that is associated with our USA eliquid BINARY. If you want to get more customers to come to your vapor store, you need to sell USA made eliquid brands that have excellent flavor profiles and reviews. We also carry larger 60ml sizes of BINARY USA eliquid for distribution in Taiwanas well as 15ml glass bottles of USA ejuice wholesale to Taiwan. To receive distribution, or wholesale prices for the USA made eliquid for sale in Taiwan, please email kyle@vapor-hub.com to get our wholesale catalog with prices per bottle. We have shipping partners like DHL, UPS, or FedEx to import the USA eliquid BINARY into Taiwan. Contact us today, as the Taiwan vape market is growing ery quickly, and very fast, and the demand for premium USA made eliquid in China is HUGE right now! We can ship USA  eliquid orders to Taiwan fast, and we have great relationships to build long term business in Taiwan.

USA Made E-Liquid Distribution China Wholesale email – kyle@vapor-hub.com

USA eliquid China

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