Unicorn E Liquid Bottles

Unicorn E Liquid Bottles Are The New Trend…

Unicorn E Liquid Bottles are the new trend for vapors to fill up with the eliquid of their choice. Most eliquids come in glass bottles with pipettes and can hard to drip sometimes. Consumers want an easier option to drip their eliquid. Now with the Unicorn E Liquid Bottles you can change the eliquid from your glass bottles, to the new tall pen style Unicorn E Liquid Bottles. We have 30 ml empty tall Unicorn E Liquid Bottles available for purchase on our website for retail, as well as for wholesale. If you are looking to pick up some tall empty Unicorn E Liquid Bottles for your vapor store, send us an email and we can get you wholesale pricing – kyle@vaporhubintl.com We now have 30ml Unicorn Bottles available for wholesale. Please send us an email for pricing.

Unicorn Bottles

Pen Style Eliquid Bottles Empty For Filling

Pen Style eliquid bottles are very hard to find, and we have been able to secure some large orders and we will have inventory, but the empty tall pen style bottles sell quickly, so make sure to email us with your contact info to give you wholesale pricing and availability. If you are looking for wholesale pen style eliquid bottles that are empty, make sure to send us an email quickly. We have sold out on every shipment of the tall empty bottles that we have received. Why should you order these new tall empty Unicorn bottles? Staying ahead of the trend as a vapor store owner, you need to know what products are popular. Currently, the skinny pen style bottles is what every vaper wants to refill their eliquid. As a vapor shop owner, you can make good profit margins on selling the Unicorn bottles in your shop. Send us an email to get wholesale pricing on bulk Pen Style bottles.

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