TPD Compliant Tank For Europe Vape

TPD Compliant Tank requirements are in full affect. If you are looking for a TPD Compliant Tank that abides by the new vape standards that fall under TPD. Because of the new standards in Europe, the new TPD requirements state that tanks must be 2ml or less of eliquid, a child resistant filling method, and must be leak proof. The problem with some of these TPD Compliant Tank options coming into the market, is that they are all designed, and made in China. These TPD Compliant Tank options have very poor coils, minimal airflow, and can burn out your coil very quickly. You can purchase some very poorly made TPD Compliant Tank options that come from China, but the options you will be receiving will end up failing, and breaking for your customers. Trying to uphold a warranty on these products, may yield a very difficult time getting replacements. This is why we suggest purchasing 2ml TPD Compliant Tanks directly from the manufacturer. Limitless Mod Co, is the number one trusted manufacturer world wide, and has some of the best designs when it comes to finding a TPD Compliant Tank.

TPD Compliant Tank – 2ml E-Liquid Options 

With the changing times of TPD, and trying to find new compliant products for distribution, or in your retail store, make sure to do your homework. There are not a lot of 2ml TPD Compliant Tank options on the market, and we want to make sure that customers, and wholesale clients get the best options on the market. Limitless Mod Company has been in the vape industry for over 3 years, and has developed some of the most premium products on the market. The design, and development team has been vaping for over 8 years and knows exactly what customers want, and are looking for. Limitless Mod Company has developed one of the finest 2ml TPD Compliant Tank devices on the market. Limitless Mod Co has tested some of the current TPD Compliant Tanks on the market and found the issues that customers are having with these tanks. Limitless Mod Company has engineered the finest TPD Compliant Tank on the market right now. Limitless Mod Company has also developed some of the finest box mods, RDTA’s, and other devices that do not fall under TPD requirements. If you are looking to stock your store, and order these devices wholesale, please email – [email protected] to receive a whole list of products that do not fall under TPD that you can stock your store with at great wholesale prices! Limitless Mod Company has developed box mods, RDA’s, RDTA’s, Sub Ohm Tanks, and many more that do not require TPD compliance. So jump on these great products that you can make great money one!

TPD Compliant Tank

Wholesale TPD Compliant Tank For Vape Retail Shops

If you are looking to get wholesale TPD Compliant Tank devices for either distribution or wholesale, please email [email protected] and we can send you the pictures of these TPD Compliant Tanks as well as wholesale prices. Pick up the newest and hottest TPD Compliant Tank Wholesale for your vape shops, and drive more customers into your stores to pick up a TPD Compliant Vape device with the Limitless Pulse Vape Pod System

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