Variable Voltage Box Mod

Variable Voltage Box Mod – What Are They?

Variable Voltage Box Mod is a device that has a programmed computer chip that allows you to adjust the voltage and wattage to a specified setting. There are many different types of Variable Voltage Box Mods on the market. These can range from single battery box mods, to 3 battery box mods, lower chip settings, and temperature control devices. The different types of chips in the Variable Voltage Box Mod devices allow the user to get more power depending on the chip set. There can be devices as low as 40 watts, and even up to 300 watts. The more power that you have, the quicker your coils will heat up, giving you more vapor. This is desired for users who are using a dripper, and want the maximum amount of power, for the biggest vapor cloud that it can produce. For users who want to use a tank, or a sub ohm tank, they can get a lower chip setting to run around 40-60 watts. This will ensure that the coil does not burn and give you a bad taste. These lower chip setting Variable Voltage Box Mod devices will typically be cheaper. These devices can be as cheap as $35- $60 depending on the brand and design of the device. For the larger chip sets on the 150 watt to 250 watt Variable Voltage Box Mod devices, they can be a bit more expensive because of the programming for the chip. These devices will typically be in the range of $75-$300. Once again it all depends on the brand, where it is manufactured, and the materials that go into the device.

Best Variable Voltage Box Mod On The Market

When it comes to the best Variable Voltage Box Mod on the market, we need to look at what you are trying to accomplish. If you like to use a tank for all day use, then a smaller chip set will work just great. The best Variable Voltage Box Mod on the right now that is 40 watts is the mini volt by Council OF Vapor. These is an extremely small, compact and affordable device that is great for tanks. The mini volt retails for $35 and is a sleek compact device that you can take anywhere. You can see what the mini volt looks like in the pictures below. If you are looking for a larger, more powerful Variable Voltage Box Mod, then the best device on the market would be the 200 watt IJOY device. It is very affordable for what you are getting, and it is very powerful. The 200 watt IJOY device is a two 18650 battery, custom chip device that can fire down very low on your atomizer build. You can check out this powerful device in the pictures below. There are always new devices hitting the market, and we are always the first to get them. Some of the newest Variable Voltage Box Mods that are hitting the market, are the Limitless box mod. This is a very reputable name in the industry, and they supply great products. Be the first to get your hands on these devices before they are sold out! If you are looking to buy Variable Voltage Box Mod that fits you best, click the tab above to view all the different types of box mods that we carry.

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Wholesale Variable Voltage Box Mod Devices For Your Shop

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