Diacetyl Free E Liquid


Diacetyl Safe E Liquid Brands

Diacetyl Safe E Liquid Brands are on the rise with the recent talks and concerns in the vape industry. Diacetyl is a component that can be found in some eliquid extracts that are found in eliquids. Diacetyl is being a concern in the industry because studies have been found that this chemical has been studied to show that it can lead to “popcorn lungs”. Because this is such a concern in the industry, we are going to comprise a list of Diacetyl Safe E Liquid brands that are available in the industry. Diacetyl Safe E Liquid brands that were are reviewing must have lab reports to show the proof and the amount of Diacetyl that is shown in each eliquid brand. Because we want to make sure our consumers are safe with what they are vaping, we want to make sure that you choose the right brands, and the ejuice brands that are Diacetyl Safe E Liquid. We will continue to update our list on Diacetyl Safe E Liquid brands that we have studied to make sure you know what brands to choose. For all Diacetyl Safe E Liquid’s that we test, we will make sure to include the lab reports to show the evidence and that components are in each eliquid. If you would like to submit your eliquid with lab reports showing they are Diacetyl Safe E Liquid, please send an email to – [email protected] and we will include your Diacetyl Safe E Liquid brand on our website to inform our consumers on which brands they would prefer to choose.

Diacetyl Safe E Liquid Brands Reviewed

We have received one study on the eliquid brand – Binary Eliquid. After a thorough review we have shown that the Diacetyl Safe E Liquid Brand – Binary is Diacetyl Free.


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Why is Diacetyl Safe Important

 Diacetyl Safe is important because many studies have been circulated showing Diacetyl being a leading cause of popcorn lungs. Because of these rising issues, there has been a lot of backlash in the industry. This means tighter regulations will be coming sooner, rather than later. Be ahead of the upcoming regulations and sell only Diacetyl  Safe eliquid.

Choose the trusted brand Binary as your leading Diacetyl  Safe eliquid brand! You can now pick up Binary eliquid for your shop with some great specials. Scroll down to see these great promotion deals that are only good for today!!! For new wholesale customers that want to start transitioning to Diacetyl Safe eliquid, email [email protected] or call 805-309-0533 to be assigned a friendly sales rep to get Binary eliquid into your store.