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Cheap Box Mods At Affordable Prices

Cheap Box Mods are a highly sought after vape product. Cheap Box Mods are all over the internet, but finding the best one, at the right price is hard to find. We have developed a list of Cheap Box Mods that you can buy directly at affordable prices. There are a lot of Cheap Box Mod Clones on the market, but some of them are made from very cheap quality materials, sub par chips, and lose wiring connections that can pose a potential risk for vapers. When searching for Cheap Box Mods, it is essential to find high quality devices that are made from high quality materials, thick wire gauges, and high quality programmed chips. The majority of these high quality Cheap Box Mods are usually authentic devices made over seas in large volume. Some of the high quality Cheap Box Mods come from reputable manufacturers like Council Of Vapor, Pioneer4You, Sigelei, and Asmodus. If you are looking for an authentic device, you are most likely going to pay a premium for these devices. There are some manufacturers of Cheap Box Mods that are authentic devices, made in large volume, to deliver at an affordable price. One brand that stands out is the Council Of Vapor brand that has authentic devices  that supply Cheap Box Mods and custom programmed chips.

Cheap Box Mods From Council Of Vapor

One of the cheapest Box Mods from Council of Vapor is the mini volt. The mini volt is one of the smallest devices on the market. As you can see in the picture below, referencing a quarter to show the size comparison. Not only is the mini volt the smallest device on the market, it is one of the Cheap Box Mods on the market. The average retail price for the mini volt device is $35-$45. For such an affordable price, you get a high quality device, custom programmed chip, and a sleek compact device. This custom programmed chip has 3 power settings; soft, standard, or powerful, to give you different setting depending on your atomizer.  The mini volt device is 40 watts and can handle sub ohm tanks, or even a dripper at the right ohms. The mini volt device has a 1300 mah battery, and when using on the low power setting on a tank, it can last you all day.  One of another great Cheap Box Mods from Council Of Vapor is the Trident. The Trident is a single 18650 device with a custom programmed chip. The Trident is a 60 watt variable voltage device that delivers superior performance at an affordable price.

Cheap Box ModsCheap Box Mod

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