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 Rai Vape Launcher Mechanical Mod

If you are looking for the Rai Vape Laucnher  mod, then this is one of the finest mechanical mods that I have ever seen. The quality build, and the weight on this mechanical mod looks and feel like a sturdy steel mod, and fires every time with precise voltage. We decided to do a full Rai Vape Launcher Review and give you our personla opinion on perfornace, quality, and design aspects of this mechanical mod.

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Rai Vape Launcher Review

The  Rai Vape Launcher is an all around flawless mod. They have an all over, full silver contact system which makes it remarkably consistent and reduces misfires by a substantial amount, copper firing pins allow for better connections between the mod itself and the tank which you have attached to it. It has a stainless steel body for an all over heavyweight, durable design. Another convenient feature of the Rai vape launcher is it is that it is a telescopic mod, so by twisting the bottom half of the mod, you can easily switch between an 18350 battery and an 18650.


All the  Rai vape launchers are precisely cut with a CNC machine for exact precision and flawless dimensions. Due to the fact that these are Filipino mods, which are top dollar, top of the line mods, authenticity certification is a must, and all of these mods are stamped with their own personal serial number. These are all around flawless mods, so if you are looking for top of the line product, the Rai vape launcher is the mod for you, only 500 were made, so scoop one up while you have the chance.  Another feature I have noticed about the Rai vape launcher is that is has a floating pin, so by taking out the battery and then screwing your tank onto your mod, you can get the two perfectly flush with each other, which not only gives it better contact, the look also just flows better. They have also drilled air holes into the telescoping portion of the mod, which gives the battery good ventilation, and will also give you more airy of a hit.

 Rai Vape Launcher Mechanical Mod Specs

Something else I have noticed about the Rai vape launcher is the threading on the telescoping feature is butter, it is incredibly smooth and flawless. Not only is the threading smooth on the telescoping, but where you unscrew the battery from the top and bottom of the mod is also incredibly smooth. Another cool feature of the Rai vape launcher is the button is flush with the button of the mod, and it indents into the mod, so it is allot more stable when you set it down on a flat surface, and bottom slides in out of the mod incredibly easily, by far one of the smoothest threaded mods I have seen to date.

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If you want to get your hands on this mechanical mod after reading our Rai vape launcher review, give us a call at Vapor Hub, vapor lounge at – 805-436-0446 and you can come into our shop and check it out in person. You will not be disappointed with this awesome mechanical mod!

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