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Trustfire Dual Battery Charger

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Trustfire Dual Battery Charger

When getting a new mod, you want the best charger out there, and the Trustfire Dual Battery Charger is the top of the line battery charger!

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Trustfire Dual Battery Charger

Features two independent charging channels for Li-Ion batteries.  Two separate LED’s for status of each channel. Red is Charging  and the Green LED is displayed when your battery is fully Charged.

4.2 volt, 500mAh output charges batteries quickly.
Compatible with most any cylindrical Li-Ion 3.7 volt batteries: 18650, 18500, 18350,17670, 16340, 14650, 14500, 14430, 10440.
(15270 and 14250 require a spacer. We use 3 dimes)..
The Trustfire Dual Battery Charger Includes 3 foot power cord.
  • TrustFire TR-006 Dual-Slot 25500 / 26650 / 26700 / 18650 / 16340 Battery Charger (AC 110~240V)


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