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Limitless Mod Co Pulse Pod Vape Pen

The Pulse Pod System Vape is the newest addition to the Limitless product line. The Pulse Pod System Vape Pen is a new empty 1ml (appx. +/-) pod system that uses an 8 watt 380 mah internal battery that you can recharge. The Pulse Pod System Vape Limitless Mod Co was co designed by Asher Dynamics, and manufactured over seas by PLY Rock,. The Pulse Pod System Vape Pen comes with one full complete unit, with a refillable pod installed, 1 extra pod, and a USB charger. To use, simply pull out the pod by gripping  the top part of the unit. Remove the pod. To access the fill port, remove the top black mouth piece. You will see a rubber plug. This is where you can remove this plug entirely, or just one side to access the fill ports. We suggest using a thin needle tip bottle, like a unicorn bottle, or syringe to fill the pod. Simply reassemble, and install the pod. There is no need to turn the LMC Pulse Vape pen on, simply draw and inhale from the mouth piece. The button on the center of the Pulse Pod Vape Pen allows you to change the color of the LED light system. If you are looking for the best Pod System Vape Pen, pick up a Pulse From Limitless Mod Co, and feel a better draw, more airflow, and a better vape!

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5 reviews for LMC Pulse Pod System Vape + FREE BOTTLE OF SALT NIC

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been waiting for this mod to be available in the US and ordered it only hours after it was available here. I received it the day before yesterday and put it through a lot of vaping since. I’ve been vaping since 2009 and have tried so many tanks and box mods. I’m happy to return to simple vaping and the Pulse represents that better than the other pod systems to me. I have MyJet, Von Erl, and Suorin Air to compare with, though the Von Erl does not sell empty pods. The Pulse is aesthetically the best looking “cigalike” of the bunch. The pods work great, though there is a small learning curve to take the rubber plug out to refill without tearing it. Thanfully this is addresed in the replacement pods, which come with extra plugs. Hopefully this will be addresed in the future, or maybe I just need more practice.

    MyJet is pretty good, though the pods are difficult to open for me, and the mouthpiece isn’t very comfortable. The Von Erl feels very rounded and smooth, making it very comfortable to hold and vape. The downfall is no empty pods. It possibly could be my favorite if they sold empty pods, but I don’t see that happening. The Suorin Air is in a class by itself and works well, but is hard to hold while driving, etc. and looks more like a credit card than an e cig. The Pulse seems to be in the middle with more features I’ve been craving in an e cig than the others.

    Being a MTL device, it’s going to make some experienced vapers feel like they’re sucking through a straw. The convience of travelling light after years of carrying spare batteries, e juice, and coils is not missed in the least! I carry 2 pods with me, each a different flavor, and this device makes it through an 8 hour day on one charge, including driving 45 minutes in each direction. I can easily carry it at work and get a few puffs in here and there during the day, with the pods having plenty of juice left. I can leave it on my desk and people think its a USB drive. I am receiving 2 more of these tomorrow so that I will have 2 batteries to switch out for longer outings, as well as a Pulse for my daughter, who is a CNA and can’t smell like smoke and needs a small, discreet vape while working. The lights on it can attract attention, especially at night, it’s a beautiful thing! To be more discreet, turn it so the lights face downwards and wrap your hand around the device.

    The battery recharges in 45 minute from completely dead. I always carry a 15,000 mah power bank with me for emergencies in my bug out bag and I can easily charge these batteries numerous times if need be.

    For me the Pulse is the best of the pod system world right now for people that want to use their own juice instead of relying on prefilled pods and want to travel light. I make my own juice, which I make at about a 80/20 mix. The pods work fine with it. When filling a new pod, I always let it sit to make sure it wicks properly.

    I’m totally impressed with the Pulse and hope it catches on and the refillable pods will be available at many places, even retail outlets! The Pulse was worth the wait for me!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome stealth vaping system! This was exactly what I needed​ for on the go and for traveling. The unit is compact, quiet and simple to use. The lights add a cool touch and can be turned off when not needed with 3 clicks. Makes good mouth to lung hits and delivers what I need at higher dose nic and a 70/30 vg/pg mix.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just got it today and I’m in love! Beats the myjet, icare, phix, and in my opinion the juul. I love how you can use it with or without the lights. The pods are easy to fill and hold a good amount of juice. I’d reccomend using nic salts like Mr. Salte. That’s what I am doing and it is an amazing device! Great job

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my very first vape… and it’s incredible. I no longer smell like smoke and since I’m a teacher that’s critical. I was previously a 1/2 a pack a day cigarette smoker and I use the vape primarily on my hour long commute to and from work. My car smells great now! The only issues are that you get very little notice when the battery is about dead (red flashing light about 10 seconds before it just quits) and the tank barely lasts me a day. Maybe I’m just excited to use it and I’m a tad excessive at this point? I don’t know but it is super convenient, sleek, totally stealth, I keep it in my lab coat pocket with no questions ever asked, and is a really smooth hit. I occasionally get a little vape liquid, gurgles a little when it has been laid down instead of being held upright but all in all it’s badass. I like that it has a metal body but do wish it could stand on end… if it could I feel like that could eliminate some of the gurgling. I’m super please with my first vape purchase and will likely stick with this for awhile. Using The Mamasan 6mg 70/30 vape juice – delicious!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I recently started vaping again after 6 months of relapsing back to cigarettes. I saw this on a youtube review one day and decided to order one. I love the discreet form factor and the lack off glass tanks and coils. I do wish there was an air flow option for it but if you mouth to lung it and part your lips a little for more air flow it works out just fine. I just wish more companies sold nicotine salt based eliquids because they work so well in this mod. I live in a state where online purchase of e-liquids is not allowed so we aren’t getting as much variety of e-liquid as we would like. Overall, this is a good buy for the working person. It’s no-nonsense approach is very appealing to those not wanting to deal with big mods, Tanks or batteries. Convenience and ease-of-use without sacrificing much is what I walk away with from it. It’s easily going to be my work and drive mod. Not to mention the colors are pretty cool. I had my brother order one as well after he tried it and I think this might be the one device that gets him off of cigarettes for good.. Here’s hoping anyway.

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