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Patriot V2 RDA Stainless
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Patriot V2 Atomizer Brushed Stainless Steel

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Patriot V2 RDA Brushed Stainless Steel Atty From Innovape

the Patriot V2 RDA Brushed Stainless Steel is one of the newest Drippers that is Made in the USA. The Patriot V2  RBA Brushed Stainless Steel is made of 303 grade stainless steel and has a quad ring seal for no leaking. If you are looking to blow some serious clouds, the Patriot V2 RBA Brushed Stainless Steel Dripper is the RBA for you! The Patriot V2 RDA is the newest atty from Innovape that allows you to remove the top cap for easy eliquid dripping.

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Patriot V2 RBA Brushed Stainless Steel Dripper Feature Reviews

The Patriot V2 RBA Brushed Stainless Steel is a USA dripper from Innovape that is built to last! The Patriot V2 RBA is made of high grade 303 stainless steel and has a unique design on the removable top cap. The top cap design on the Patriot V2 RDA Brushed Stainless Steel, allows radiant fin shields to reduce the heat by 50%.  The 3 post design allows you to build dual or quad coil and blow some serious clouds! The Patriot RBA Brushed Stainless Steel has a dynamic quad ring seal to prevent leaking. The Brushed Stainless Steel precise zero resistance press fit posts so that you do not get any voltage drop and constant power to the dripper. The Patriot V2 RBA Brushed Stainless Steel comes with 2 pre drilled air holes that can be bored out bigger for maximum airflow! If you are looking for the best USA made dripper, I would have to say that the Patriot V2 RDA Brushed Stainless Steel is the best dripper you can get for your money!


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