Vape Holster For Mod
Black Mod Holster
Vape Holster For Mod
Mod Holster With Ar Mod And Patriot

Mod Holster

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Mod Holster For Your Mods

Pick up a Mod Holster and carry your mods with our holster that can fit any mod, 2 15ml bottles of e-liquid, or a 30 ml bottle. There is a front pouch with an elastic strap that can hold any accessories like e-liquid or batteries. The rear pouch on the Mod Holster is 3 inches wide and will hold any size mods with ease a large opening. This Mod Holster was designed to fit right below your top cap on your dripper so you do not need to grab the top cap removing it to pull out your mod like other Mod Holsters. This Mod Holster comes with a carabiner clip to easily attach to your belt loop or pocket.



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