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Matte Gray Limitless RDA

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Surprise LMC RDA

We have made a few samples and prototypes of different color options, color changing, gold plated, etc. for caps and mouth pieces for the LMC RDA. This is your opportunity to get something that is not on the market. We will pick the best option for you when you place your order. This offer has no refunds, but we will include an extra deck for FREE. Take a gamble and see what awesome one of a kind LMC rda you get!!!! The picture is just for reference, and you will not get the color in the photo listed.

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After a year of development, Limitless searched the globe for feedback from builders on the ideal atomizer. The unanimous key factors included a 3-post design, deeper juice wells, and large gauged holes for better builds. Our cap was refined and tested for versatile and desired airflow to accomodate all vapers. 


– 3-post design

– True square centerpost with window for flat builds

– Square insulator

– Brass centerpost

-Copper pin

-Innovative O-ring to secure pin

– Machined in negative posts

-Large holes to accomodate all gauges

-Undercut for additional cotton

-Large phillip screws

-Deep juice well

-4 airflow adjustments

-First of its kind flippable cap for airflow

-Limitless sleeve designs

-Chuff style cap


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