Limitless Verso Tank

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Limitless Verso Tank Black

The Limitless Verso Tank is a sub ohm tank with a .15 ohm coil that can run up to 150 watts.  The Limitless Verso Tank black has an innovative side fill fort that has a capacity of 5ml of eliquid. Most sub ohm tanks have a top fill port where you have to unscrew the top cap. This can be time consuming, messy, and allow bacteria to get on your mouthpiece. The Black Limitless Verso Sub Ohm Tank side fill port is an easy slide port that allows you to fill your tank up in seconds. The Limitless Verso Tank has a massive bottom adjustable airflow. With the innovative side fill port on the Limitless  Verso Sub Ohm Tank, you can use this port for juice flow control. This means that when your Verso coils need to be flooded with eliquid, you can open the side port for 5-10 seconds and this will allow eliquid to soak up more in the cotton. This extends the life of your coils, when they are getting down to burning out, you can allow more eliquid into the cotton, thus extending the life of your coils. *NOTE- The Black Limitless Verso Tank will leak out the bottom airflow if the side port is not completely closed. Allowing air pressure into the tank does not create a complete vacuum seal. This will cause the tank to leak, just like any sub ohm tank. Make sure your side port is completely closed to avoid leaking. You will see the Limitless triangle on the top part of the tank, this shows you the side port is completely closed.


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