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Limitless RDA Deck
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White Limitless RDA + FREE Deck – ONLY 1 LEFT

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White Limitless RDA

Out of stock

After a year of development, Limitless searched the globe for feedback from builders on the ideal atomizer. The unanimous key factors included a 3-post design, deeper juice wells, and large gauged holes for better builds. Our cap was refined and tested for versatile and desired airflow to accomodate all vapers. 


– 3-post design

– True square centerpost with window for flat builds

– Square insulator

– Brass centerpost

-Copper pin

-Innovative O-ring to secure pin

– Machined in negative posts

-Large holes to accomodate all gauges

-Undercut for additional cotton

-Large phillip screws

-Deep juice well

-4 airflow adjustments

-First of its kind flippable cap for airflow

-Limitless sleeve designs

-Chuff style cap


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