Laser Cat Sleeve
Laser Cat Sleeve
Laser Cat Sleeve
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Laser Cat Sleeve


Laser Cat Sleeve For Limitless Mod

The Laser Cat Sleeve for the limitless mod is the newest edition to the limitless sleeve family. The Laser Cat Sleeve is a mythological sleeve that holds tremendous power. Weather it comes to cloud comps, or trick comps, the Laser Cat Sleeve will support you with the magical powers that you need!!! If you want to experience the unforeseen power of the Laser Cat Sleeve when it comes to your eliquid, try your favorite eliquid with the laser cat sleeve and experience a new level of enjoyment.  Share your magical experience of the Laser Cat Sleeve in a review below! Have fun with it!!! *The Laser Cat Sleeve does not have true magical powers.

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10 reviews for Laser Cat Sleeve

  1. Luke Skywalker

    Legend of the Laser Cat. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there lived a cat, not just any ordinary cat but a Laser Cat. With the mystic powers of the Laser Cats on your Limitless Mod your mod becomes more powerful than any imperial vapor. In any cloud or trick contest the Laser Cat will help you defeat the empire and all their Dark Vapors. Put this sleeve on any Limitless and instantly become a Jedi among vapors….

  2. Brendan

    The laser cat sleeve has mystical powers when it is being used i average between 4-6 foot clouds then i got my hands on the laser cat sleeves and i noticed my clouds being denser and my average is now 7-10 foot clouds. Don’t believe me buy one for yourself and win all comps you enter

  3. Sam Djariri

    I came home one day after a long days work to find out my girlfriend left me took all my furniture and my Cat named Tiger. I didn’t care some much about my furniture or my girlfriend for that matter. However I was very upset about my Cat Tiger! When I saw the New Limitless Laser Cat Sleeve I saw Tiger on there and I had to have it! Since I pickup the Cat Sleeve I now have a hotter Girlfriend and a Picture of Tiger with my all the time. Thanks Vapor Hub!

  4. Mike

    My cat had nine lives before I bought this sleeve, now my cat is invincible as am I at cloud comps! Thank you Limitless, keep up the good work!

  5. Tara

    I woke up this morning and found this amazing kitty sleeve on my Limitless Mod. I have no idea where it came from. It possibly flew through my window as I slept. I went for my morning vape and found myself floating from room to room. How, I wasn’t sure yet, but soon I found that I could read the minds of my family members. The powers of the laser cat sleeve are beyond measure and it is now time to join the movement against dull vapes and baby clouds.

  6. Richard

    I was in a bad part of LA and I was vaping with my laser cat limitless mod and someone tried to rob my. I fought back and ran for my life. I have never run so fast in my life! As I was running the robber started shooting at my. i turned around with my laser cat sleeve and blocked 3 bullets. One bullet struck my in the leg and i started to bleed. I rubbed the bullet hole wound with my laser cat sleeve, and the wound magically healed up, and I was able to continue running. When I got in my truck I looked at my laser cat sleeve, and there was absolutely no damage to it. The laser cat sleeve saved my life! I do not know what I would do without my laser cat sleeve!!! I highly recommend everyone gets one for themselves.

  7. Darnell

    I recently picked up a laser cat sleeve. The laser cat sleeve has changed my life. I was backpacking in the mountains with my friends when we were suddenly surrounded by a 3 huge mountain lions. I quickly pulled out my limitless mod with the laser cat sleeve and was instantly transformed into a super samurai ninja warrior fighting off the mountain lions with my bare hands. Then out of nowhere a helicopter descended down and picked up my friends and I. I’m pretty positive the laser cat meowed to the heavens to save us. All thanks to the power of my magical laser cat sleeve…everyone needs a laser cat sleeve in there life!

  8. Ryan

    I own 5 Limitless mods and over 10 sleeves, but I didn’t know the true power of Limitless until I bought my laser cat sleeve. It’s literally transformed my life. I’ve never felt happier or had more energy. In fact, it was pouring rain the day I bought my laser cat sleeve. 10 minutes after I started vaping with it on my platinum Limitless mod, a double rainbow appeared. Explain that….

  9. Biff
    5 out of 5

    I often wondered about the power of the Laser Cat Sleeve . One day I decided to put my curiosity at ease and bought myself an early Christmas present. The Laser Cat Sleeve was mine….but what about the power it irrefutably conveyed? I didn’t feel any different. A few days later, my wife was nagging me again to hang the Christmas lights on our house. Begrudgingly, I rested the tall metal ladder against the house and extended it to the second story. With my Laser Cat Sleeve resting conveniently in my pocket for vape breaks I moved my way towards the top of the roof. Suddenly, my foot slipped from the step! I grasped for the ladder and tried with all my might to regain my balance- but I couldn’t reach for my Laser Cat Sleeve in time. I lost my grip. My body fell fast and hard, hitting the cement driveway like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t move. I literally could NOT move. I was paralyzed from the waist down! I groaned in agony and yelled for my wife but no one was coming to my rescue. Then, I remembered…the Laser Cat Sleeve was in my pocket! I quickly reached for it and held it in my hand…then took a big rip. All of a sudden, thick clouds rolled in (it may or may not have been from my mod) and lightning struck my hand holding the Laser Cat Sleeve. The electricity moved rapidly through my body all the way down to my toes. Then, silence. I was healed! I could walk again! The odds of what happened were incalculable. The message behind it, however, was crystal clear. Touched by the hand of God you might say? Nay. I give all the glory to the power of the Laser Cat Sleeve!

  10. Seabass
    5 out of 5

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