Asolo iJoy 200 Watt Box Mod
Asolo iJoy 200 Watt Box Mod
iJoy 200 Watt Box Mod Asolo
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IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod

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IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod

The IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod is a truly one of a kind device beyond all the temperate control devices released recently. It features temp control apply to all wire material, not just Ni 200 and titanium. An extremely small and powerful device, balanced perfectly for power and convenience, the Asolo is designed with top level ergonomics and usability. Utilizing two 18650 batteries that gives this device amazing battery life with a very easy to use battery cover that conveniently slides and lock on or off. No coin and screwdriver needed. A big size firing button offers best touch felling. 4 buttons design, super easy to use. The Asolo 200W Box Mod has a very nice bottom hinged battery cover and it utilizes two 18650 batteries.


Out of stock

IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod Features / Specs

IJOY Asolo temp control 200W MOD Specs:

  • GUI Operate:YES
  • USB Charging on IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod :NO
  • Adjust Power Method:Up and Down Button
  • Fire Method:Metal Stretch button
  • Screen Size:0.91″OLED
  • Heating coil material:Nickel,Titanium and common coil
  • Size:90*50*24mm /3.54*1.96*0.94 inches
  • Temp accuracy:2‰
  • Eifficiency:98%
  • Power Down Current:50μA
  • Quiescent Current:≤50μA    50μA  ≤100μA
  • Screen On Current:25μA~32μA
  • Input Current:1A~60A
  • Input Voltage(Dual-batteries):6.6Volts~8.5Volts
  • Temperature Range:300°F~600°F
  • Temperature Resistance Range:0.15ohm~2.5ohm
  • Atomizer Resistance Range:0.08ohm~3.0ohm
  • Output Current:1.0A~35A
  • Output Voltage:1.0Volts~7.5Volts
  • Output Power:5watts~200watts
  • 510 spring loaded connection
  • Chip Model No: IW 200TC-V01
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Short-Circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • PCB  temperature overheat protection
  • Parameter lock-out protection
  • Single battery independent protection

Differences between the Ti /Nickel temperature control device and the IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod .

  1. The Ti/Nickel temperature control device only supports the wire material with two types of materials,
    but the ASOLO temperature control box mod is able to control almost all tanks, but without caring about the type of wire materials since it supports all of them.
  2. The IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod  is able to remember the users favorite flavor and continuously offer it to them.

*How does it offer the users favorite flavor continuously? Follow the steps:

  • A. In the wattage, set up mode to choose the flavor you like after several puffs.
  • B. Enter the temperature control mode and it will keep your favorite flavor in the memory. This will not only offer the user the best taste, but the user can also vapor it without worrying that it will burn the coil.
  • C. The ASOLO has a special, unique function which reminds the customer to refill their e-liquid as soon as the e-liquid is finished.

Remarks: How does the IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod  remind the user to fill their e-liquid?

If the device does not have enough e-liquid, the small e-liquid drop  in the device screen will keep flashing, indicating you need to fill the e-liquid before using it again.

  • The IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod  is the most simple temperature control device on the market.
  • Choose a good wattage for the tank and try several puffs. When you find your favorite flavor, you can press the bottom to tell the device you love this taste, and the device will keep it in its memory.
  • Enter the temperature control mode by pressing the bottom of the big “T”.
  • Operate the temperature control easily by choosing the %’ F from 80%~110%. It is most like the YIHI SX mini temperature control box mod and has a Soft~Standard~Power~ Power plus. The IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod  has 80%~81%~82%……~109%~110%.
  • After choosing a temperature control mode, if you would like to lock the mode, simply press both sides of the big “T” and it will lock that mode.
  • If you want to get out of the temperature control mode, simply press the bottom of the big “T”.
  • The IJOY Asolo 200W Box Mod  is the most accurate device for temperature control and the best way to keep your coil from having a burn taste.

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