Ceramic Tweezers Rebuilding
Ceramic Tweezers

Ceramic Tweezers

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Ceramic Tweezers For Rebuilding RDA’s

Ceramic Tweezers Vape are an essential tool for vapers who are rebuilding their own coils for RDA’s. Ceramic Tweezers are a sanitary tool that you can use to adjust your coils for fixing hot spots, adjusting coils, or aligning your coils exactly where you want. These Ceramic Tweezers Vape are heat resistant, sanitary, and offer a great non conductive ceramic tweezers head made in Switzerland that makes rebuilding your atty’s a lot easier, and a safer tool when rebuilding coils on atomizers. Pick up an order of Ceramic Tweezers and add it to your tool box for rebuilding RDA’s and experience this lifesaving tool!



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