Centerfold RDA White Brass
Centerfold Atty White Brass
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Centerfold RDA White Brass

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White Brass Centerfold Atomizer By Dynasty

The Centerfold Atomizer White Brass by Dynasty is the new RDA to hit the vape market. The Centerfold Atty White Brass is great combo with the Limitless Mod. The Centerfold Atty White Brass has two negative posts milled into the deck with a silver plated dual positive post for easy building. The top cap has has center flow technology to give direct airflow directly onto your coils. The Centerfold Atomizer White Brass is made in the USA and serialized for authenticity. To perfectly match your Centerfold Atomizer White Brass pick up a chuff top or drip tip to match!

Out of stock

Centerfold Atomizer White Brass Specs & Features

  • Silver-plated copper contacts
  • Silver-plated copper positive posts
  • Peek Insulators on Centerfold RDA
  • 4-40 screws on the positive posts
  • 2-56 screws on negative posts
  • supports dual 20 gauge builds
  • 22 mm deck for the White Brass Centerfold Atomizer
  • Deep juice well on the White Brass Centerfold Atomizer
  • 2-piece top cap with interchangeable ring
  • Center Flow Technology featuring 2 mm vent holes on the side, which open up under the negative post and between the positive and negative posts
  • Constructed from 303 stainless steel
  • 4 posts for building on the Centerfold Atomizer
  • Serialized for authenticity on the Pink Centerfold atty
  • Laser engraved logos for the Pink Centerfold Atty
  • White Brass Centerfold Atomizer is Made in the USA


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