BYTE 60ML Bottle 2.5MG

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Byte is a cereal flavor from Binary E-Liquid. This is not your typical cereal flavored e-liquid. Byte is a complex mix of crunchy berry cereal, fruit circles, and a milky extract. On the inhale you get a strong crunch berry cereal flavor, and on the exhale you get a nice taste of fruit circles cereal flavor all mixed in with a milky taste. Imagine a bowl of cereal mixed with fruit circles, crunchy berry’s, and whole milk. Drain out the milk after it has been soaking for a while into a glass, drink the glass of mixed cereal flavors and enjoy the sweetness! Byte has been a flavor that was in R & D for months and is finely tuned with its extracts, and perfectly mixed with a 74VG/26PG ratio. Each 60mll glass bottle of Binary e-liquid comes with a child safety cap.

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Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brand Report

Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Byte


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