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Blood Splatter Ar Mod V1.5


White Blood Splatter  AR Mod V1.5 

The White Blood Splatter  AR Mod V1.5 is the newest, most innovative mod by Tac Mods USA. The White Blood Splatter  AR Mod V1.5 is a patent pending design with an octagonal shaped button so you never have to worry about losing your bottom button. The White Blood Splatter  AR Mod V1.5 is a unique design to replicate a traditional AR-15. This design is not only great ascetically, but it also has functionality. The air holes in the 18650 body allows heat to escape so your White Blood Splatter AR Mod V1.5 does not get hot. The New White Blood Splatter Ar V1.5 comes with a completely new button design with a solid spring so you do not get a hot button. The new White Blood Splatter   Ar V1.5 has a slightly new body design and upgraded beefy contacts so you dont have to worry about stripping your pins.

This is a limited run special edition Blood Splatter Ar V1.5

Out of stock

White Blood Splatter AR Mod V1.5 Features And Specs

The White Blood Splatter AR Mod V1.5 has a smooth steel body that fits 18650 batteries. The rails look like a traditional AR-15 but they smoothed out and chamfered to fit comfortably and nicely in your hand. This patent pending design also allows your hands not to slide down the body tube like most traditional mods. This gives you a smooth grip in your hands to fire the octagonal shaped bottom button. All the contact pins in the White Blood Splatter AR Mod V1.5 are copper to allow for maximum connectivity. We have done voltage drop test and the AR Mod has a voltage drop around .03-.05.

The White Blood Splatter AR Mod V1.5 has knurled bottom cap and top cap designs to give the mod a rough looking design. There is a small chamfer on the top cap that comes to a point at 22mm to give a good flush look on all 22mm drippers. The top cap has 2 adjustable pins to fit each flat top and button top batteries. Each mod is Powder Coated black to give it that military look as well as protect your mod! Each White AR Mod V1.5 has been tested to ensure each mod works properly. Each V1.5 AR Mod comes with its own serial number engraved on the rail as well with a custom dog tag with matching serial numbers to ensure authenticity.

The full White  V1.5 AR MOD weighs in at 186 grams / 6.6 oz (without a battery)

3.37″ tall (body only)
1″ wide
4.2″ Total body length with top and bottom caps

Patent Application Number – 61/915,919
Trademark 86199642


*White Blood Splatter AR Mod V1.5 Does not Come With Any Drippers

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If you are looking for the Best USA Mod, then you need to pick up the Ar Mod today!!! The Blood Splatter  Ar Mod V1.5 is the best USA Made Mod and there is a limited numbers of these mechanical mods. Blow HUGE Vapor Clouds with the best USA Mod on the market to date! This USA Made Mechanical Mod by Tac Mods USA, is the best USA Made Mechanical Mod!!!




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