Black Chrome Vamo V2

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Black Chrome Vamo V2 Variable Volt Mod

If you are looking for an affordable variable volt mod, then the Black Chrome Vamo V2 is a perfect mod for people looking for an affordable price!

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Black Chrome Vamo V2 Mod Features

The Black Chrome Vamo V2 has a couple features that make this electronic cigarette mod an excellent middle range mod for the price. You can use a standard 18650 battery in the stock Vamo body as well as unscrew a spacer in the body to allow you to put in an 18350 battery. The main Black Vamo Body can also allow you to put 2 18350 batteries stacked in the battery. This shortens the Vamo V2 black Body up substantially making this a sleeker smaller e-cigarette mod. If you are stepping up from the EGO Twist batteries and looking for a beginner electronic cigarette mod, the chrome Vamo V2 Black Chrome is a perfect mod to start using bigger batteries.

Vamo V2 Black Chrome Electronic Cigarette Mod

The Vamo V2 Black Chrome mod is a fully variable voltage e-cigarette mod that allows you to adjust the voltage from 3.0-6.0 as well as the watts from 3.0-15.0 on the menu design. The Vamo V2 Black Chrome mod has a nice LCD menu display with the 2 buttons below the screen to adjust your volts or watts. The center firing button on the Black Chrome Vamo V2 is a smooth button that allows you to easily fire the  mod. There are a few menu settings that you can use to change the menu display. If you push the 2 top buttons at the same time on the Black Chrome Vamo V2  you can change the settings form volts to watts. If you hold the (+) right button for 3 seconds you can read the ohms in your atomizer tank. If you hold the (-) button on the left, the Black Chrome Vamo V2 will tell you the battery life left on your current battery that is inside the body.

Note- You will need to order an 18650 battery and a charger if you do not have one. This Vamo Mod Black Chrome is just the body when you purchase. 


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