Array 60ml Bottle 2.5MG

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Array is a very complex mix of raspberry, sour apple, kiwi, lemonade, and one other final secret ingredient to complete this very intriguing flavor that taste like your favorite candy Sweet & Sour Candy! There are a lot of flavors going on, but on the inhale you get the sweet raspberry and other soft fruity nodes, and on the exhale you get the sour flavor of the lemonade and sour apple. This is one of the most creative e-liquid mixes that we have done and when you vape it you will be verry surprised, and very satisfied. Array has been perfected with a 75VG/25PG mix to pull out all the extracts in this complex mix. This is an all day vape that you will never get tired of. Each 60ml glass bottle of Binary E-Liquid comes with a child safety cap.

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Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brand Report

Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Array

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