Private Label E-Liquid

Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale For C-Stores

Private Label E-Liquid for c-stores and any other brand looking to get lab produced e-liquid for a new brand, or c-stores looking to upgrade their current line for their c-stores from a low end eliquid that is not lab produced e-liquid or e-juice that is not appealing to the c-store customers. Vapor Hub International, Inc. has the ability to provide a lab produced Private Label E-Liquid wholesale in an iso 7, GMP certified lab. When the FDA comes to regulate the eliquid market, they will be removing all eliquid that is not produced in a certified lab. Vapor Hub International, Inc. has been providing Private Label E-Liquid wholesale to c-stores around the USA. Vapor Hub International, Inc. has been in the e-cig industry since 2008, and has developed some flavorful eliquid recipes that have a proven track record with the test markets in the previous years. We have the capability to deliver Private Label E-Liquid wholesale to c-store markets with recipes that have proven to drive return customers back to the c-stores with the flavorful eliquid recipes and great branding and marketing. We have up to 40 excellent recipes for Private Label E-Liquid options that are available to c-stores nationwide, as well as world wide. We have many c-store clients that we developed Private Label E-Liquid brands for, and the results have far exceeded the c-store executives expectations. With the profitable margins that we offer on Private Label E-Liquid wholesale, and top notch recipes, we have developed a business model for c-stores that can initiate very quickly.  Even if a store has one brand, there is plenty of room to introduce a new brand of ejuice. Many of the large suppliers offer bland single flavor recipes eliquids like watermelon, strawberry, tobacco, menthol, or cherry. We have proven recipes and complex mixes that leave the consumer intrigued on the various other flavored Private Label E-Liquids that we have available. If you are not looking for Private Label E-Liquid wholesale, we also have a few brands of superior Private Label E-Liquid with a brand name that customers know and trust. Give us a call – 805-309-0530, or email us –  and we would be happy to discuss with you how you can get Private Label E-Liquid wholesale into your c-store and drive margins, and deliver a superior product with repeat customers.

Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale

C-Store Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale

We can develop and style of Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale bottles for your c-store. If you are looking for 15ml plastic Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale bottles, or 10ml Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale bottles, we can develop the right brand and private label ejuice for your c-store. The possibilities for your Private Label E-Liquid brand are endless, and we can really make your c-store stand out with the right Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale brand for you. From bottle cap color, to type of plastic bottles with child safety caps, and heat shrink bottles, our Private Label lab produced eliquid will put you in compliance with the FDA and drive up your profit margins for your c-store. We ensure each bottle of ejuice is batch coded with the born on date, with the expiration, and all the compliance verbiage that the FDA is seeking for regulation. We handle all of these compliance issues, and the added security of being put on as an added insurer to our insurance policy leaves your hands free when it comes to ordering your Private Label E-Liquid Wholesale. Not only that, but Vapor Hub International, Inc. is a publicly traded company, and our vision is always to ensure the best image for the public and our shareholders.

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