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Pod System Vape Pens – New Alternative To E-Cigs

Pod System Vape pens are the new technology devices that are the new trend for e-cig users or those looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes. Pod System Vape e-cigs like the Pulse by PLY Rock are the newest devices to hit the vape and electronic cigarette market. Pod System Vape devices are a new innovative devices that uses a better coil system in a pod that you can put your own eliquid in for your desired taste when vapping. Traditional electronic cigarettes use a built in coil system with a small amount of cotton that dries up, and the coil eventually burns out. The amount of the cartridges on electronic cigarettes that you can use are very minimal. The cotton in the traditional electronic cigarettes can dry up very quickly, and you cannot re use them. On the PLY Rock Pulse Pod System Vape you can refill your pods up to 8-12 times depending on the usage. The atomizers in the PLY Rock Pulse Pod System Vape are innovative and better technology that allows the proper amount of airflow, and ohms to produce a good amount of vapor, with exception taste.

Pod System Vape Ecig

How Do Pod System Vapes Work?

The Pod System Vape devices work with an internal battery at roughly 380 mah that is rechargeable. These batteries last longer than traditional ecig batteries and have a higher watt output at around 8-10 watts. This allows the user to get a higher power output, while still maintaining  battery life. This higher output allows the coils to heat up quicker vaporizing the coils better producing more vapor. This gives the user a better feeling that they are actually smoking. This can be a very good psychological affect for those trying to make the transition of traditional cigarettes. The Pod System Vape uses a refillable pod with a pre built coil installed. To fill the pod system with the eliquid of your choice, simply pull out the pod from the battery. This is a simple pull apart method. Once you have the pod removed, there is a black mouth piece on the pod. To access the fill port, simply pull apart the black mouth piece. This will give you access to a rubber plug. Simply pull apart, or pry open the rubber stopper. Here you will find two openings where you can fill eliquid. To get the best filling without over filling, the best use is to use a thin needle tip bottle. You can use either a unicorn bottle, or syringe to fill the pod system. Once your pod is filled with the eliquid of your choice, simply resemble the pod and put back together.


Benefits of Pod System Vape Pens

There are quite a few benefits to a Pod System Vape system. One of the main benefits is from users to make the transition from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette option with elquid, and nicotine levels of your choice. Smoker who have tried to make the switch to electronic cigarettes have found that the older generation of electronic cigarettes do not satisfy their needs. This can come from the limited battery life. low vapor production, and taste of the devices. Limited uses of the cartridges can end up costing you more money over time because the electronic cigarettes cartridges do not last that long and do not offer the user good taste. The price for beginner electronic cigarette devices can be very affordable, but you are not getting high quality devices, and the replacement cartridges can be hard to find, and lack good flavors. The Pod System Vape still allows you to purchase the device at an affordable price, while allowing the user to use the eliquid of their choice. The replacement pods for the PLY Rock  Pulse device are very affordable and offers superior quality, vapor production, and battery life. If you are looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to an electronic alternative, we highly recommend the PLY Rock Pulse Pod System Vape. If you are a first time user, we recommend using a higher nicotine level eliquid, generally in the range of a 12mg-18mg eliquid because the vapor production will not deliver as much nicotine into your system as needed to make the switch of cigarettes.

Pulse Vape Pod System

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