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We decided to do a K100 Review for all of those who are looking to get into the mechanical mods. The Kamry K100 is an obvious copy of the look of the Empire PV Mod from Empire Mods, if not a part-for-part clone. The K100, for example, features a 510 connector, unlike the Empire Mod’s 901. The brass parts of the Empire Mod, such as the switch, are replaced in the K100 with stainless steel, and it’s a somewhat longer mod, mostly due to more internal space being taken up by the bottom-mounted switch. This extra length is particularly apparent in 18350 mode. Where an 18350 would completely hide the center telescoping tube in the Empire mod, there is still about an inch of it visible in the K100; there is no configuration we’ve found in which the telescoping tube is completely hidden. Internal contacts are stainless steel in our K100 Review.

K100 Review

Like the Empire mod, the K100 is available in a variety of anodized colors, though the variety is not nearly as wide as that of the Empire mod, and not nearly as detailed. The two-toned option of the Empire in the body and sleeve, for example, are not available; the anodized parts of the Kamry K100 are all only available in a single color.

K100 Reviews For Mechanical Mods

The matching drip sleeve and drip tip give the Kamry K100 a nice, consistent look, though the sleeve will not be usable with anything bigger than a standard size atomizer or cartomizer. This sleeve screws down into the eGo well around the 510 connector, and we found it, when attached, to be just slightly shorter than a Boge standard-length cartomizer. As a result, we had to choose between either leaving it slight loose, or allowing a millimeter or two of the cartomizer to protrude from the top of the sleeve in our K100 Reviews.

K101 Blue Mod Kit

The bottom button in our K100 Review includes a locking ring, though the way the switch is built, it’s hardly needed. Our Kamry K100 had a very stiff switch spring, and it’s not likely it would ever go off accidentally. Even when the mod is stood on end, the switch would not move when we were doing our full K100 Review.

Reviews on the K100 And K101

K101 Mod Black Kit

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