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GMS Mod Reviews From Vapor Hub Staff

The GMS Mod Review by V-Creations is the newest mod to come out of the Philippines. This mod is very well built and has a heavy weight to it when you hold it in your hand. The GMS Mod was an awesome looking top cap with a brass crown look and with silver contacts this mod fires like a dream! The stainless steel body body has a smooth looks and has the GMS signature CNC etched into the telescoping body. On the GMS Mod the button is recessed into the bottom cap and has a solid O-Ring and that is heat resistant to make sure that there is a gap from the battery and the firing pin. The GMS Mod from V Creations is fully telescopic from 18350 to 18650 and even has more weight when an 18650 battery is inserted into the body. If you are looking for a top of the line mod, that has weight, looks, and design, the GMS Mod reviews top of the line and will blow some clouds on the tank of your choice. The trident looks amazing and reviews even better on the GMS Mod!!!

GMS Mod Review – 100% Pure Quality Specs

•304 Stainless steel body with etched GMS
•Telescoping Body– Fits 18350-18650 series batteries.
•Brass top cap with deep drip well
•Brass firing button review
•Pure silver pins (+,-)
•Floating positive pin
•Recessed firing button (No lock ring)

GMS Mod Review specs On V-Creations

GMS Mod Reviews


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