Joyetech eVic Review

What is perhaps the most technologically advanced feature of the eVic is the user upgradable firmware, something that we haven’t seen before in the mod market and the computer connectivity. Enter the MVR, eVic’s computer software. It’s not the best piece of software I’ve seen but it gets the job done. Most of the options are there for the geek-factor and do not in any way affect the operation. You can set a welcome message for the eVic screen, the time and date.. with version 1.3 you can even set an alarm. The MVR holds an array of data on how you vape that you can geek out after using the eVic for a while, these include Voltage, Wattage, Puffs and Resistance. There’s no Puff timer in the software but the device does show a timer when the button is activated. Never-the-less through the MVR you get access to vapor-sets, which offer you the ability to change your vapor voltage/wattage during a draw according to a custom curve you have predefined in the software.. think of it as “variable variable voltage”.

Joyetech eVic Reviews

The device itself is not bad on the eyes, a bit on the plane side but the same can be argued about all tube mods. It’s very light at 74grams but unfortunately the combination of the aluminum battery tube, and the heavy lcd screen with computer chip at the top of the mod, makes it very top heavy and unbalanced. It was also built with flat top batteries in mind which if you already own a bunch of 18650′s is somewhat of an inconvenience since it is just a hair too short for them.. meaning that if you insist on screwing it all the way down the spring collapses and the battery bottom can get scratched. If you are using the kit however all of that is of no concern since the battery/ies included are the exact size for it.

Between the lag, the narrow window of vaping setups imposed by the many limitations and the price tag of $100 this falls under the “try before you buy” category. I do enjoy the vape off it and absolutely love the technology included but that is just for my personal preference. There is promises of technology updates which joytech releases quite often, but overall this is a great mod if you’re for a technologically advanced set up, but if you’re looking for something basic, then i would not suggest this mod.

Joyetech eVic Review From Vapor  Hub

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