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Cloud Comp Mods are essential when it comes to competing in cloud competitions. There are many things to consider when competing in a cloud competition and choosing the right vape mod for the comp.  Material is a huge factor when it comes to conductivity. Copper is the most conductive material you can get for a standard mod. Another factor to consider when looking for a Cloud Comp Mod is voltage drop. There are many factors that come into play when considering voltage drop. The more moving parts you have, the more voltage drop you will have. If you have an adjustable top positive pin setup, you can incur some voltage drop. If you have a hybrid connection, which means the atomizer goes direct to the battery. This reduces your voltage drop. However, if you have a top cap that is removable, you have threads and moving parts. This can cause some voltage drop. If you have a one piece body with no removable top cap, this is the absolute minimal voltage drop. When it comes to your button setup, the less moving parts the better. If you have adjustable bottom pin setup you can incur some voltage drop. Ideally you want a single button setup that has no adjustable bottom copper contacts. Springs do not play a huge factor in voltage drop. However, we have noticed some decrease in voltage drop when adding gold plated magnets for conductivity. There are a few Cloud Comp Mods out on the market that can suit these needs for you to win a cloud comp and win large prizes.

Best Cloud Comp Mods To Win Competitions

There are a few Cloud Comp Mods that suit all the above needs. The 2 best Cloud Comp Mods that we have seen win multiple cloud comps are the Limitless Mods, and the Ameravape Skyline mods. The Copper Limitless Mod suits ALL the above needs with a one piece body hybrid top connection, and a single button contact for maximum conductivity and minimal voltage drop. The Ameravape Skyline mods are a good Cloud Comp Mods but they do have removable top caps, top copper contacts, and a bottom copper pin. Both are great mods for cloud comps, but our number one choice is the Copper. Limitless Mod!  View some of the pictures below, click the links of the picture to view more about the mod, better pictures, and even some videos going over them to get yourself setup for the best mod cloud competition.

Cloud Comp Mod


best mod for cloud comps

Cloud Comp Mods

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