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ChiYou Clone Review For Mod Enthusiast 

Our staff has done a full ChiYou Clone Review, and we are happy to report the good and the bad things in our ChiYou Clone Review. The Chiyou Clone is a great mod because it is super sturdy and a solid build and you can feel it in your hand, it’s as close as you can get to the real thing, accept for its about 1/4th the cost as a real one. Looking at it from an aesthetics point of view, it is a solid mod, it is made out of pure stainless steel or brass depending on which one you choose. It has multiple extensions caps which you can detach or attach to the Chiyou clone so you can fit all 18 serious batteries. The Chiyou has a really nice heavy weight sleek design on it, so the durability on it is close to perfect. It has two different adjustments to the firing pins you cane tune in the contact points to your needs. 

ChiYou Clone Mod  Reviews And Features

ChiYou Brass Clone Review

Some of the issues I have noticed with this mod is the locking mechanism is a tad bit flimsy, and when it is unlocked it has misfire issues, this is not a spring loaded firing button, when you push the firing button, it pushes the entire battery up to the contact point opposed to some mods that have spring resistance for a firing button. These clones do intact have fake serial numbers on them, as well as the actual logo so don’t confuse it for a legit Chiyou mod review.

ChiYou Gold Clone Review for this Mod And Specs

Chi You Gold Clone Reviews
There has been a few rumors going around that the brass Chiyou clone review gets very warm after a certain amount of usage, this could be because brass conducts very well, and since the brass Chiyou clone is in fact pure brass that heat conducts it faster than the stainless steel version would. I have personally tested out the Chiyou clone reviews and it does take quite a bit of messing around with it to get to to work with different size batteries, but once you get it tuned to whatever 18 series battery you are using this mod hits like a freight train, so if you are looking for a durable mod that also has a clean sleek design and hits like a champ without wanting to break the bank, then the Chiyou clone is a mod you should consider if you are looking for an affordable mod and want the looks of an expensive mod.

ChiYou Silver Clone Review

Chi You Gold Chrome review

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