2Six Mod Wholesale

2Six Mod Wholesale From Taurus Customs 

2Six Mod Wholesale prices are now available from Vapor Hub. We have just become the exclusive distributor for Taurus customs.  If you are looking for the new 2Six Mod Wholesale. 4Nine Mod wholesale, or the new Prime Mod wholesale, please email us ASAP at – [email protected] and we can get you pricing, and ship your order out in 1-2 business days. We have a large inventory of 2Six Mod Wholesale, 4nine mod wholesale, and the new Prime Mod wholesale. We have a large amount of pre orders, but we will have extra inventory to sell wholesale but getting orders takes 4-6 weeks, and this is one authentic mod you do not want to wait to get. Our quick turnaround time can ensure that you get your 2Six Mod Wholesale directly from Vapor Hub in 1-2 business days. Send us an email ASAP to secure your order – [email protected]  

2Six Mod Wholesale

2Six Mod Taurus Wholesale Pricing And Quick Delivery Available

2Six Mod

2Six Mod Wholesale Colors Available in Tiger Brass, and Stainless Steel

Best All VG Based E-Liquid

Looking for the Best All VG Based E-Liquid for RBAs?

If you are looking for Best All VG Based E-Liquid then we have some solutions for you that offer the best flavor, HUGE vapor, and an eliquid that is completely made in the USA! We offer a line called “Clouds”. It is an all VG based eliquid that puts out some serious clouds, and gives you great flavor. If you are looking for nicotine, we also mix our nicotine with VG so it does not compromise the VG based eliquid. Our Green clouds is the Best All VG Based E-Liquid because it offers a mix of kiwi and sour apple to give is good smooth tasting all VG based eliquid that can put out some serious vapor clouds on your dripper. Orange clouds is another popular flavor of our All VG based e-liquid that is a sweet orange flavored e-liquid that is all VG based that gives you good flavor and huge clouds that you can vape all day long on your dripper our RBA. We also have blue clouds which is a blueberry flavored All VG based e-liquid that is smooth and still offers a huge amount of vapor to go on your dripper or genesis style tank.

Best All VG Based E-Liquid

Get The Best All VG Based E-Liquid From Flavors Vapor

If you have been looking for the Best All VG Based E-Liquid then you have come to the right place. We have a very popular brand of e-liquid that is all VG based, has great flavor, and puts out serious vapor clouds. Pick up a bottle of of Flavors Vapor e-liquid cloud based VG e-liquid and put out some huge clouds with the Best All VG Based E-Liquid!!! When it comes to getting the Best All VG Based E-Liquid, there is no need to worry about what you are getting. Our all VG based e-liquid is a very popular brand eliquid, and it comes with the backing of thousands of customers who have already purchased our all VG based eliquid. No need to buy a sample pack just to taste it, just know you will be gettting the Best All VG Based E-Liquid!

VG Based E-Liquid

GMS Mod V-Creations Review

GMS Mod V-Creations Review


Looking at this mod from an aesthetics point of view, it looks like a solid built mod with a polish finish, with a nice sturdy design. it includes a solid brass top cap, along with a well built brass bottom firing button. The bottom firing button is recessed to prevent firing when you set it down on a flat surface, this also allows the mod to stand up straight without tipping over. The body is composed out of 304 grade stainless steel for not only a sleek design, but also for durability purposes. The brass top cap also includes deep air wells for exceptional air flow on non-rebuildable tanks. 

GMS Mod V-Creations Review

GMS Mod Review By  V-Creations

This mod includes 92.5% silver fire pins which allows the mod to fire consistently, and lower the voltage drop to 0.1. This firing pin is also floating which allows you to use any tank you desire, as well as allowing it to sit completely flush with the mod itself. The bottom firing button is removable which allows for easy cleaning. This mod also includes an over sized o-ring surrounding the bottom firing pin, which prevents the mod from firing without pressing the firing button, this o-ring is removable for cleaning purposes in this GMS Mod V-Creations Review.

GMS Mod V-Creations Reviews

Reviews on the GMS Mod By V-Creations

This is a telescopic mod, it telescopes at the top of the mod which allows you to fit all 18 series batteries by twisting the top portion on the mod itself. This is a mod that was machined with exceptional precision, so the threading on this mod is nothing less than perfect. the telescoping portion of the mod telescopes like butter. The telescopic portion is not the only portion of the mod that has excellent threading. The bottom cap in our GMS Mod V-Creations Review shows a smooth firing button!

ECC – Electronic Cigarette Convention September 2013

ECC13′ – Electronic Cigarette Convention 2013



Registration Line for the ECC 2013 in Anaheim









Spotted Phil Busardo At the ECC checking our mod bag – he loved it


Phil Busardo At ECC Checking out Our New Bag – Review to Come