Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop

Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop?

Are you looking for the Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop? We have done some testing on our AR Mod that is made in the USA by Tac Mods USA and we have found that there is a .2-.4 voltage drop on our mechanical mod. There are many mechacnial mods out there, but which mods have the Lowest Voltage Drop? Some mods like the King Mod have silver plated pins, and have tested to have a voltage drop of about .5-.8. Any time you get a telescoping mod, you are reducing the amount of conductivity with the body passing the voltage to the RBA because of the threading and the gap in the body. Having a solid tube construction on a mod will give you a Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop like the Ar Mod. On the AR Mod, there are ventilation holes to keep your battery from overheating while still passing the voltage directly to the RBA on your top cap through the copper contact. If you want to get a Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop you can upgrade your pins to silver plated copper pins because silver is the most conductive material out there. Ar Mods offer the ability to upgrade your pins to silver platted copper pins giving you a Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop around .1-.3. If you are ready to step up to a Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop, get the AR Mod by Tac Mods USA and get a mod that is hard hitting with a low voltage drop on your battery with optimal RBA. Batteries can also have an impact on your voltage drop. If you want a Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop, you should be running high drain 30 amp batteries that have a low voltage drop already built into the battery to give you optimal voltage powering your RBA on your mod.

Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop

Benefits To Mods with Low Voltage Drop

The key benefits to getting a Mod With A Low Voltage Drop is to pass as much voltage through the body of the mod, through contact, and to make connectivity with the RBA of your choice. This allows a minimal lag time to fire the mod to reach the RBA on your top cap allowing quick response, highest voltage passing to the RBA, thus heating your RBA to the maximum potential. Once you achieve this, you can heat your coils up faster, and hotter, producing more vapor. Check out the Ar Mod by Tac Mods USS for a Mod With Lowest Voltage Drop! 

There have been test with the Black Hawk Panzer voltage drop and found out the AR Mod has the lowest voltage drop compared with the Black Hawk Panzer with the voltage test. If you are looking for the Black Hawk Panzer voltage drop, there is no comparison when testing the Ar Mod voltage test, the Ar Mod has the lowest voltage drop when in testing. If you are looking for a mod with the lowest voltage drop, check out the Ar Mod if you are looking for a mod with a low voltage drop when comparing with the black Hawk Panzer or other mods.

Wholesale Mods

Wholesale Mods – Get Mechanical Mods Wholesale 

Wholesale Mods are now available from Vapor Hub on the Ar Mods. The Ar Mods are the newest USA made mods that hit the ground running in the states and have been selling very fast. This new mechanical mod is one of the hardest hitting, most unique, and most sought after mod on the market right now. The Ar Mod is a patent pending design with an octagonal button design to prevent users from losing their buttons and pins when using on a regular basis like most other mechanical mods. Now we are offering the opportunity get get Wholesale Mods on the new Mechanical Ar Mod from Tac Mods USA. Get the most sought after Mod in your vapor store today and pick up the Ar Mods Wholesale! Now is the opportunity to get more vapor customers into your store if you purchase Wholesale Mods of the AR Mod, and drive traffic for the enthusiast who are into vaping, rebuildables, the nest mechanical e-cig mods, and want the best! If you are serious about getting Wholesale Mods for the Ar, please send us an email directly to [email protected] and we will help you get the Ar-Mod at Wholesale prices based on the quantity you desire.

Wholesale Mods

Wholesale Mods Info And Prices

If you are looking to get Wholesale Mods stocked in your store, you can email – [email protected] We carry premium USA made mods, and many international mods that sell very well in vapor stores. We can email you our wholesale catalog with all the devices we have available for distribution. Stock your store with the best Wholesale Mods in your vapor store like the Limitless Mods, which are the hottest mods on the market right now. Do not miss the opportunity of your retail customers ordering a Limitless Mod online. Send us an email for Wholesale Mod prices and info today.

Hardest Hitting Mod

Hardest Hitting Mod Made In The USA Has Huge Vapor!

Hardest Hitting Mod out right now is the AR Mod by Tac Mods USA. The AR Mod is the Hardest Hitting Mod because of the copper contact that are silver platted to increase the conductivity of the battery and the tank. The AR Mod is also designed to have a minimal voltage drop due to the nature of the design and the minimal thread pattern that allows the current of the battery to flow directly to the pins. If you are looking for the Hardest Hitting Mod then you need to check out the AR Mods that are made in the USA. We have many users who have purchased the AR Mod and you can see pictures and videos of the AR Mod, and they show some huge clouds of vapor from the Hardest Hitting Mod out there right now. Just go to Instagram and search the hash tag – #armod and view some pictures and videos of how hard this mod hits! For the price range to be getting the Hardest Hitting Mod it is well worth the money if you are into RBA’s and looking to get a hard hitting mod! Step your game up and get the Hardest Hitting Mod when it comes to your hobby of vapor mods and RBA’s for blowing huge vapor clouds! Once you get your Ar Mod, you can do some reviews on Instagram and Facebook and show everyone that you have the Hardest Hitting Mod  out there!

Hardest Hitting Mod


Get A Hard Hitting Mod Made In The USA – The AR Mod

Hard hitting Mod

Best All VG Based E-Liquid

Looking for the Best All VG Based E-Liquid for RBAs?

If you are looking for Best All VG Based E-Liquid then we have some solutions for you that offer the best flavor, HUGE vapor, and an eliquid that is completely made in the USA! We offer a line called “Clouds”. It is an all VG based eliquid that puts out some serious clouds, and gives you great flavor. If you are looking for nicotine, we also mix our nicotine with VG so it does not compromise the VG based eliquid. Our Green clouds is the Best All VG Based E-Liquid because it offers a mix of kiwi and sour apple to give is good smooth tasting all VG based eliquid that can put out some serious vapor clouds on your dripper. Orange clouds is another popular flavor of our All VG based e-liquid that is a sweet orange flavored e-liquid that is all VG based that gives you good flavor and huge clouds that you can vape all day long on your dripper our RBA. We also have blue clouds which is a blueberry flavored All VG based e-liquid that is smooth and still offers a huge amount of vapor to go on your dripper or genesis style tank.

Best All VG Based E-Liquid

Get The Best All VG Based E-Liquid From Flavors Vapor

If you have been looking for the Best All VG Based E-Liquid then you have come to the right place. We have a very popular brand of e-liquid that is all VG based, has great flavor, and puts out serious vapor clouds. Pick up a bottle of of Flavors Vapor e-liquid cloud based VG e-liquid and put out some huge clouds with the Best All VG Based E-Liquid!!! When it comes to getting the Best All VG Based E-Liquid, there is no need to worry about what you are getting. Our all VG based e-liquid is a very popular brand eliquid, and it comes with the backing of thousands of customers who have already purchased our all VG based eliquid. No need to buy a sample pack just to taste it, just know you will be gettting the Best All VG Based E-Liquid!

VG Based E-Liquid

Wholesale Patriot Dripper RBA

Wholesale Patriot Dripper RBA

Wholesale Patriot Drippers are now available through Vapor Hub. We have secured an exclusive distributor deal with the manufacturer of the Patriot RBA’s. We can get you any amount of Patriot Drippers at Wholesale prices.  There is no MOQ on your wholesale orders, but you must send us your re-sellers license in order to get Patriot Drippers at Wholesale prices. We can offer you Wholesale Patriot Drippers in Chrome, or Brushed Stainless Steel. All you have to do is go to our contact page, or send us an email direct to [email protected] and we can get your vapor store Patriot Drippers Wholesale!

The Patriot Dripper is one of the most popular RBA’s out there in Vapor Stores nationwide because it is a high quality made dripper made in the USA, and it is available at an affordable price. The Patriot Dripper is around  the same cost of Filipino Drippers. Vappers wold rather spend the money on a USA made dripper that is also bigger at 22mm. This gives you more room to build and have wicking. Now you can put the Patriot Dripper in your Vapor Store by purchasing wholesale from Vapor Hub. We have a large inventory on hand for you to purchase Patriot Drippers Bulk at Wholesale prices! Send us an email today to start processing your Patriot Wholesale Dripper order from us as the exclusive distributor!!!

Wholesale Patriot Drippers Available:

Chrome Patriot RBA Patriot RBA Brushed Chrome Patriot RBA Innovape Patriot RBA Chrome Patriot RBA Brushed Stainless Steel Patriot RBA review Patriot RBA Chrome reviews

Biowick Wholesale – 3mm Cotton Wick

Biowick Wholesale – Get All Natural Cotton Wick In Your Vapor Store

Biowick is the newest all natural cotton wick out of the Philippines to bring vapping to a new level. You are seeing more and more vapers who use cotton to build their tanks. Why is that? This is because cotton is more absorbent and can hold more e-liquid on  dripper. The only problem is that cotton contains bleach in the USA and must be boiled to remove the harmful bleach. If this is not done correctly, you can be inhaling harmful chemicals and be doing some damage to your lungs. Biowick has solved that problem with an all natural cotton wick that comes in easy to use packs of 10 feet long. Biowick claims on their website that you can get better taste, more vapor, and far more absorbent. When it comes to dripping, this is essential to have a wick that can absorb more e-liquid without having to drip every hit or two. Cotton builds are becoming more and more traditional for RBA builders.

Wholesale Biowick Cotton Wick Packs – All Natural- No Boiling

If you are a vapor store owner and want to get Biowick Wholesale Biowick Cottonwholesale prices and get Biowick in your store, then you have landed on the right site. We are the exclusive distributor of Biowick. Biowick is manufactured out of the Philippines and do not have any exclusive distributors in the USA. We have been working together with Biowick to give you competitive prices that you can sell in your Vapor Store and still make a great margin. If you want to get Biowick cotton wick in your store, please send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our contact form page. We will respond to you in less than 12 hours and give you Biowick wholesale prices. We will also be getting posters, shirts, and marketing material for larger orders placed with us so that you can market Biowick in your vapor store as an authorized distributor. Get the best biowick wholesale prices right here from the exclusive distributor, and get it fast!



Best Rebuildable Atomizer

What is the Best Rebuildable Atomizer?

If you are looking for the Best Rebuildable Atomizer then you have come to the right place. At Vapor Hub we search out the Best Rebuildable Atomizers when it comes to the vapping industry. We have some of the most sought after RBAs because of the exclusivity and the quality of these RBA’s and RDA tanks. We have the Best Rebuildable Atomizers on our website from the Philippines and all over the world. Some of our RDAs include the trident, nimbus, Prometheus, atomic, IGO, AGA- T2, imortalizer, and many more to come to the store. You can check out all of the Best Rebuildable Atomizer selections we have to choose from by clicking any link on this page or cliking the Tanks and Atomizer tab to your left. I would have to say on of the Best Rebioldable Atomizer (RBA) would be the Patriot Dripper! This is on the best drippers that I have ever used. It measures in at 22mm wide, so it sits flush on mostly all mods. Check out on of the best rebuildable atomizers, and pick up a Patriot Dripper Today!!! The PAtriot is made in the USA just like the AR Mod, so pick up a Patriot RBA Dripper and an AR Mod (Pictures Below) and you will have a very reliable all USA made vapor mod!

Chrome Patriot RBA


Black Green Ar Mod


Best Rebuildable Atomizers

Best Rebuildable Atomizer For Experince

If you are new to the vaping world, and want to start getting into RBA’s then you should start at the a cheaper RBA and learn how to build and wrap your coils. This learning curve will allow you to learn how to get your ohms where you want them, and eventually get them as low as you want to blow bigger clouds. If you are starting out and want the Best Rebuildable Atomizer RDA at the most affordable price, then I suggest getting an IGO-W dripper. For only $24.95 you can learn to build your dripper tank and practice learning how to wrap your coils. In order to build your dripper, you will need the best building material and Ekowwol and Kanthal is the best for building your tank. You can get all of these building supplies directly at our online store in the Tank section. When it comes to ekowwol, the lower the mm of ekowwol, the less absorbent area you have for you coil. This is best in small tanks. If you want more absorbent material to last longer, then you can get the 3mm ekowwol. When it comes to wrapping your coils with Kanthal, the lower the gaige the less resistance there is. If you go with a 26 gauge Kanthal wire, you will get your ohms down lower. If you go with a larger gauge like 32 gauge Kanthal, you will have more resistance, thus bringing your ohms up higher on your dripper.

Best Rebuildable Atomizer

If you are looking to get into a genesis style tank and want to optimize your flavor and still blow large clouds then you can get a good genesis style tank like the AGA-T2 genies style tank. This is a very affordable genesis style tank to learn how to build genies style tanks at an affordable cost. The nest step up and a great tank is the RSST genesis style tank. This is one of the Best Rebuildable Atomizer tanks when it comes to rebuildable tanks.

Best High End Rebuildable Atomizer

If you are looking to get into the high end RBA tanks, and you wan the Best Rebuildable Atomizer, you have a few options from our site. The Nimbus atomizer is one of the Best Rebuildable Atomizers for the price. At only $70, this is a very popular and well known brand of RBA’s out of the Philippines. You can get your ohms down low and blow some huge clouds on this 3 post dripper design. If you are looking into the Best High End Rebuildable Atomizer genesis style tank, the Prometheus is one of the best genesis style tanks out there, and the flavor is amazing!

When learning to rebuild tanks, it is highly suggest to get a Vape OHM meter and make sure you can know what your ohms are at when you are rebuilding. This can allow you t see how you adjust the coils to bring the ohms up or down based on how you rebuild. You can pick up a vape ohm meter in our store by clicking the link above.

Vape OHM Meter


Browse Our Online Store For The Newest And Best RDA On The Market! 

K100 Review

K100 Review By Vapor Hub

We decided to do a K100 Review for all of those who are looking to get into the mechanical mods. The Kamry K100 is an obvious copy of the look of the Empire PV Mod from Empire Mods, if not a part-for-part clone. The K100, for example, features a 510 connector, unlike the Empire Mod’s 901. The brass parts of the Empire Mod, such as the switch, are replaced in the K100 with stainless steel, and it’s a somewhat longer mod, mostly due to more internal space being taken up by the bottom-mounted switch. This extra length is particularly apparent in 18350 mode. Where an 18350 would completely hide the center telescoping tube in the Empire mod, there is still about an inch of it visible in the K100; there is no configuration we’ve found in which the telescoping tube is completely hidden. Internal contacts are stainless steel in our K100 Review.

K100 Review

Like the Empire mod, the K100 is available in a variety of anodized colors, though the variety is not nearly as wide as that of the Empire mod, and not nearly as detailed. The two-toned option of the Empire in the body and sleeve, for example, are not available; the anodized parts of the Kamry K100 are all only available in a single color.

K100 Reviews For Mechanical Mods

The matching drip sleeve and drip tip give the Kamry K100 a nice, consistent look, though the sleeve will not be usable with anything bigger than a standard size atomizer or cartomizer. This sleeve screws down into the eGo well around the 510 connector, and we found it, when attached, to be just slightly shorter than a Boge standard-length cartomizer. As a result, we had to choose between either leaving it slight loose, or allowing a millimeter or two of the cartomizer to protrude from the top of the sleeve in our K100 Reviews.

K101 Blue Mod Kit

The bottom button in our K100 Review includes a locking ring, though the way the switch is built, it’s hardly needed. Our Kamry K100 had a very stiff switch spring, and it’s not likely it would ever go off accidentally. Even when the mod is stood on end, the switch would not move when we were doing our full K100 Review.

Reviews on the K100 And K101

K101 Mod Black Kit

eVic Review

Joyetech eVic Review

What is perhaps the most technologically advanced feature of the eVic is the user upgradable firmware, something that we haven’t seen before in the mod market and the computer connectivity. Enter the MVR, eVic’s computer software. It’s not the best piece of software I’ve seen but it gets the job done. Most of the options are there for the geek-factor and do not in any way affect the operation. You can set a welcome message for the eVic screen, the time and date.. with version 1.3 you can even set an alarm. The MVR holds an array of data on how you vape that you can geek out after using the eVic for a while, these include Voltage, Wattage, Puffs and Resistance. There’s no Puff timer in the software but the device does show a timer when the button is activated. Never-the-less through the MVR you get access to vapor-sets, which offer you the ability to change your vapor voltage/wattage during a draw according to a custom curve you have predefined in the software.. think of it as “variable variable voltage”.

Joyetech eVic Reviews

The device itself is not bad on the eyes, a bit on the plane side but the same can be argued about all tube mods. It’s very light at 74grams but unfortunately the combination of the aluminum battery tube, and the heavy lcd screen with computer chip at the top of the mod, makes it very top heavy and unbalanced. It was also built with flat top batteries in mind which if you already own a bunch of 18650′s is somewhat of an inconvenience since it is just a hair too short for them.. meaning that if you insist on screwing it all the way down the spring collapses and the battery bottom can get scratched. If you are using the kit however all of that is of no concern since the battery/ies included are the exact size for it.

Between the lag, the narrow window of vaping setups imposed by the many limitations and the price tag of $100 this falls under the “try before you buy” category. I do enjoy the vape off it and absolutely love the technology included but that is just for my personal preference. There is promises of technology updates which joytech releases quite often, but overall this is a great mod if you’re for a technologically advanced set up, but if you’re looking for something basic, then i would not suggest this mod.

Joyetech eVic Review From Vapor  Hub

Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review

Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review

Looking at this mod from an aesthetics point of view, it has a nice bulky, light weight design, and almost has the look of a light saber. One of the reasons this mod is so light weight is because it is made out of an aluminum alloy for not only weight purposes, but for an all over durable design. This mod also has three slits of it missing, which exposes the batter. The reason for this is because it will make it even more lighter, and it will give the battery excellent ventilation to prevent it from over heating. This mod will only fit 18650 batteries, which might be slightly inconvenient, but the battery life of this variable voltage mod cannot be beat.

Tesla Variable Volt Mod Reviews

The Tesla Mod is infact variable voltage, so you can switch any where from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts which can be switched by pressing the “=” or -“‘ button on the front of the mod, the volts are displayed on the lcd screen on the front of the mod. This mod also has a built in ohm reader, so you can screw any tank onto this mod, and by holding the “+” button for about 3 seconds, it will desplay the resistance on the lcd screen. The tesla mod can also read how many volts are left in the batter by holding the “-” button. A fully charged battery will be at about 4.3 volts, and when it is about to die it will go down to about 3.3 volts.

Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review

The tesla mod also has a few features which will prevent itself from over heating. If you attempt to take a hit for longer than 10 seconds, it will automatically stop hitting. This feature is good for when you put the mod inside your pocket, you dont have to worry about burning out the coil. The Tesla mod also has a feature where if it gets too hot outside it will automatically shit off to protect itself from shutting down. If you find the perfect voltage for your tesla mod and you want to make sure it stays at that voltage, you can hold the “+” and “-” symbol at the same time to lock the voltage that it is set at. If you are looking for a variable voltage mod that runs like a work horse and wont break the bank, then the tesla mod is the way to go.

ChiYou Clone Review

ChiYou Clone Review For Mod Enthusiast 

Our staff has done a full ChiYou Clone Review, and we are happy to report the good and the bad things in our ChiYou Clone Review. The Chiyou Clone is a great mod because it is super sturdy and a solid build and you can feel it in your hand, it’s as close as you can get to the real thing, accept for its about 1/4th the cost as a real one. Looking at it from an aesthetics point of view, it is a solid mod, it is made out of pure stainless steel or brass depending on which one you choose. It has multiple extensions caps which you can detach or attach to the Chiyou clone so you can fit all 18 serious batteries. The Chiyou has a really nice heavy weight sleek design on it, so the durability on it is close to perfect. It has two different adjustments to the firing pins you cane tune in the contact points to your needs. 

ChiYou Clone Mod  Reviews And Features

ChiYou Brass Clone Review

Some of the issues I have noticed with this mod is the locking mechanism is a tad bit flimsy, and when it is unlocked it has misfire issues, this is not a spring loaded firing button, when you push the firing button, it pushes the entire battery up to the contact point opposed to some mods that have spring resistance for a firing button. These clones do intact have fake serial numbers on them, as well as the actual logo so don’t confuse it for a legit Chiyou mod review.

ChiYou Gold Clone Review for this Mod And Specs

Chi You Gold Clone Reviews
There has been a few rumors going around that the brass Chiyou clone review gets very warm after a certain amount of usage, this could be because brass conducts very well, and since the brass Chiyou clone is in fact pure brass that heat conducts it faster than the stainless steel version would. I have personally tested out the Chiyou clone reviews and it does take quite a bit of messing around with it to get to to work with different size batteries, but once you get it tuned to whatever 18 series battery you are using this mod hits like a freight train, so if you are looking for a durable mod that also has a clean sleek design and hits like a champ without wanting to break the bank, then the Chiyou clone is a mod you should consider if you are looking for an affordable mod and want the looks of an expensive mod.

ChiYou Silver Clone Review

Chi You Gold Chrome review

GMS Mod Review

GMS Mod Reviews From Vapor Hub Staff

The GMS Mod Review by V-Creations is the newest mod to come out of the Philippines. This mod is very well built and has a heavy weight to it when you hold it in your hand. The GMS Mod was an awesome looking top cap with a brass crown look and with silver contacts this mod fires like a dream! The stainless steel body body has a smooth looks and has the GMS signature CNC etched into the telescoping body. On the GMS Mod the button is recessed into the bottom cap and has a solid O-Ring and that is heat resistant to make sure that there is a gap from the battery and the firing pin. The GMS Mod from V Creations is fully telescopic from 18350 to 18650 and even has more weight when an 18650 battery is inserted into the body. If you are looking for a top of the line mod, that has weight, looks, and design, the GMS Mod reviews top of the line and will blow some clouds on the tank of your choice. The trident looks amazing and reviews even better on the GMS Mod!!!

GMS Mod Review – 100% Pure Quality Specs

•304 Stainless steel body with etched GMS
•Telescoping Body– Fits 18350-18650 series batteries.
•Brass top cap with deep drip well
•Brass firing button review
•Pure silver pins (+,-)
•Floating positive pin
•Recessed firing button (No lock ring)

GMS Mod Review specs On V-Creations

GMS Mod Reviews


Besides The GMS mod, make sure to check out our other reviews on the other unique mods that we carry like the Sentinel Mod La Edition which is very hard to come by, and we are the only ones that have this amazing mod in stock!

Rai Vape Launcnher

 Rai Vape Launcher Mechanical Mod

If you are looking for the Rai Vape Laucnher  mod, then this is one of the finest mechanical mods that I have ever seen. The quality build, and the weight on this mechanical mod looks and feel like a sturdy steel mod, and fires every time with precise voltage. We decided to do a full Rai Vape Launcher Review and give you our personla opinion on perfornace, quality, and design aspects of this mechanical mod.

rai vapes

Rai Vape Launcher Review

The  Rai Vape Launcher is an all around flawless mod. They have an all over, full silver contact system which makes it remarkably consistent and reduces misfires by a substantial amount, copper firing pins allow for better connections between the mod itself and the tank which you have attached to it. It has a stainless steel body for an all over heavyweight, durable design. Another convenient feature of the Rai vape launcher is it is that it is a telescopic mod, so by twisting the bottom half of the mod, you can easily switch between an 18350 battery and an 18650.


All the  Rai vape launchers are precisely cut with a CNC machine for exact precision and flawless dimensions. Due to the fact that these are Filipino mods, which are top dollar, top of the line mods, authenticity certification is a must, and all of these mods are stamped with their own personal serial number. These are all around flawless mods, so if you are looking for top of the line product, the Rai vape launcher is the mod for you, only 500 were made, so scoop one up while you have the chance.  Another feature I have noticed about the Rai vape launcher is that is has a floating pin, so by taking out the battery and then screwing your tank onto your mod, you can get the two perfectly flush with each other, which not only gives it better contact, the look also just flows better. They have also drilled air holes into the telescoping portion of the mod, which gives the battery good ventilation, and will also give you more airy of a hit.

 Rai Vape Launcher Mechanical Mod Specs

Something else I have noticed about the Rai vape launcher is the threading on the telescoping feature is butter, it is incredibly smooth and flawless. Not only is the threading smooth on the telescoping, but where you unscrew the battery from the top and bottom of the mod is also incredibly smooth. Another cool feature of the Rai vape launcher is the button is flush with the button of the mod, and it indents into the mod, so it is allot more stable when you set it down on a flat surface, and bottom slides in out of the mod incredibly easily, by far one of the smoothest threaded mods I have seen to date.

Buy Rai Vape Launcher Mechanical Mod

If you want to get your hands on this mechanical mod after reading our Rai vape launcher review, give us a call at Vapor Hub, vapor lounge at – 805-436-0446 and you can come into our shop and check it out in person. You will not be disappointed with this awesome mechanical mod!

Sentinel LA Edition Grand Vapor

Sentinel LA Edition Grand Vapor Mechanical Mod From Vapor Hub

Sentinel LA Edition Grand Vapor is sold exclusively at the Vapor Hub in Simi Valley. The la edition sentinal is by one of the  finest mechanical mods I have seen to date. They have an all over, full silver contact system which makes it remarkably consistent and reduces misfires by a substantial amount, silver firing pins allow for better connections between the mod itself and the tank which you have attached to it. It has a stainless steel body for an all over heavyweight, durable design. Another convenient feature of the la edition sentinal is it is that it is a telescopic mod, so by twisting the bottom half of the mod, you can easily switch between an 18350 battery and an 18650.  This mechanical mod from Grand Vapor has pure silver contacts and allows you to get a pure firing contact every time.

Sentinel LA Edition Grand Vapor-

Sentinel LA Edition Grand Vapor

 Sentinel LA Edition Available at Vapor Hub!!!

All the  la edition sentinels are precisely cut a CNC machine for exact precision with fine cuts. Due to the fact that these are Filipino mods, which are top dollar, top of the line mods, authenticity certification is a must, and all of these mods are stamped with their own personal serial number. These are all around amazing mods, so if you are looking for top of the line product, the la edition sentinel is the way to go.  These mods are limited edition, only 500 were made, so scoop one up while you have the chance. We have full authenticity cards, and sleeves for the Sentinel LA Edition from Grand Vapor. We have low serial numbers in the low hundreds, 103,104,105,106. Come get them before they are not available anywhere in the World! Give us a call and we can place the order over the phone (805) 436-0446, or come in and get one of these pristine mechanical mods today.