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Box Mod Kit is the best way to go if you are new vaper looking to step up from mechanicals. Box Mod Kit packages are available for those who want to buy all the essential parts they need to get started using the new box mods kit with good sub tank atomizers. If you are used to using mechanical vape mods and looking to get into the variable voltage box mods that use either two batteries, or a single battery to get more power, and a longer lasting vape, then Box Mod Kits are a great step up! Most vapers use mechanical vape mods with dripper to cloud chase. This can be a good option if you are at a vape shop, or at a house with friends. If you are on the run often or at work and do not want to drip often, then the use of a box mod and a sub ohm tank is a great addition to your vape gear. The use of a Box Mod Kit with a sub ohm tank is a great option to give you excellent flavor, and good clouds that will last longer than a mech mod. The sub ohm tanks have evolved immensely to where they are putting out larger amounts of clouds with the lower ohm coils. Box Mod Kit options now have evolved too where you can get a 75 watt box mod with a sub ohm tank at an affordable price, or a 200 watt box mod kit with a sub ohm tank that will give you tons of power if you want to put on your dripper. You can either build your own Box Mod Kit with the variable voltage device of your choice, and the atomizer of your choice. There are also some new Box Mod Kit option that you can get with everything already included and at an affordable price. One great Box Mod Kit is the 75 watt Sigelie variable voltage device with the Sigelie Elite Tank II that is a great combo all packaged together to give you great clouds, great flavor, and a box mod kit that can last you all day.

Best Box Mod KitBest Box Mod Kits

Box Mod Kit Packages For A Great Vape

Box Mod Kit packages are becoming more and more popular for beginner vapers or for those looking to get a new setup with everything included. You can find a great Box Mod Kit on our website, or if you want to build your own Box Mod Kit you can browse all the available options of variable voltage devices and atomizers that we have available. Some of the best Box Mod Kits can be built with individual setups like the Snow Wolf 200W, IPV series, or the Sieglie variable voltage options. You can pair these great variable voltage devices with the atomizer of your choice weather you want a sub ohm tank, or a dripper to complete your Box Mod Kit. Some great atomizer that pair up greatly are the sub ohm tanks like the Atlantis tanks, Elite Tank II, Hercules Tanks, or Kanger Tanks that are all available on our website by browsing the links above. If you are looking to build the best Box Mod Kit with a dripper, you can choose some of the great dripper options we have available like the Limitless Atty, Tugboat RDA, Aelos RDA, Centerfold RDA, or Cloud Champ Attys. Build the best Box Mod Kit to your specs, or choice a pre packaged Box Mod Kit for ease of use and purchasing.

Box Mod KitBox Mod Kits


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There is another great kit that you can buy from Council Of Vapor that includes the mini volt box mod kit, and a Vengeance tank to give you an affordable kit with a great device, and a great sub ohm tank. Instead of buying these vape products separately, COV packages both products into one package and gives you a reduced price. Check out this great kit by clicking the council of vapor package below.

Box Mod Kit

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