Biowick Wholesale – 3mm Cotton Wick

Biowick Wholesale – Get All Natural Cotton Wick In Your Vapor Store

Biowick is the newest all natural cotton wick out of the Philippines to bring vapping to a new level. You are seeing more and more vapers who use cotton to build their tanks. Why is that? This is because cotton is more absorbent and can hold more e-liquid on  dripper. The only problem is that cotton contains bleach in the USA and must be boiled to remove the harmful bleach. If this is not done correctly, you can be inhaling harmful chemicals and be doing some damage to your lungs. Biowick has solved that problem with an all natural cotton wick that comes in easy to use packs of 10 feet long. Biowick claims on their website that you can get better taste, more vapor, and far more absorbent. When it comes to dripping, this is essential to have a wick that can absorb more e-liquid without having to drip every hit or two. Cotton builds are becoming more and more traditional for RBA builders.

Wholesale Biowick Cotton Wick Packs – All Natural- No Boiling

If you are a vapor store owner and want to get Biowick Wholesale Biowick Cottonwholesale prices and get Biowick in your store, then you have landed on the right site. We are the exclusive distributor of Biowick. Biowick is manufactured out of the Philippines and do not have any exclusive distributors in the USA. We have been working together with Biowick to give you competitive prices that you can sell in your Vapor Store and still make a great margin. If you want to get Biowick cotton wick in your store, please send us an email to or fill out our contact form page. We will respond to you in less than 12 hours and give you Biowick wholesale prices. We will also be getting posters, shirts, and marketing material for larger orders placed with us so that you can market Biowick in your vapor store as an authorized distributor. Get the best biowick wholesale prices right here from the exclusive distributor, and get it fast!



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