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Binary eliquid was recently reviewed by Vaper USA – Read the full Binary e-liquid reviews below.  You can read the original review here – Binary E-Liquid Review

Binary E-liquids is relatively new to the juice scene, although we’d seen their flavor profiles and packaging floating around. It sounded great, looked good, and thought the name was cool (Matrix fans yaass) and were pleased to receive it, and review it at the same time we checked out the new Limitless Mod. Our thanks to Vapor Hub for the double-up!

*NOTES: From the website: “The Binary line is artfully created in a high VG content to increase vapor production while keeping true to a savory vape. The mixtures in Binary are customized for the extracts and complexities of how they interact with PG and VG…”

 *JUICES:All Binary e-liquids are high VG and the VG/PG ratios differ from flavor to flavor. The glass bottle is tinted with a gradient color, from tech green to clear. The lable is clear and reverse printed giving it a very cool look. Bottles come sealed and have a child-safe glass-dropper cap. Choice of size is limited to 15ml bottles at the time of this review. Nicotine Strength options are 0mg, 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg.

 *DEVICES: Limitless Mod courtesy of Vapor Hub with a Derringer atty, a regulated iPV 2 Mini 70 watt with an Aspire Atlantis tank, and a SMPL mod topped by a Kennedy dripper.

 *PACKAGING: We recieved the Binary line in this sick clear container with a tech-green plexiglass piece with the juices and flavors printed on it. THe juice bottles themselves rest on a nice bed of grey foam. The overall impression suggests a high-tech container radiating in a neon green. Too cool.


A complex mix of raspberry, sour apple, kiwi, lemonade, and a final secret ingredient to complete this intriguing flavor. 75VG/25PG

With this title, we of course expected an ‘array’ of flavors and were not disappointed. Still, there’s a lot going on here and calling Array a complex juice would be a big understatement. Array is more like stepping into a labyrinth of twists and turns where flavors lurk and molecular engineered wetware awaits your every inhale. The predominant impression is a cloying sweetness tangling with a raucous tartness. A nice way to start a relationship with a juice, you’d think!  Imagine summer time on a hot, distant planet, surrounded by lush, gushing fountains of alien fruits that are at once familiar and earthly, yet ready to ambush our limited sensory range with jarring and fiercely exotic tastes that we have no names for. Yet. The more familiar points, like lemons and apples, craft sensory taste-nodes that are creative and new, while the sweet fruit fusions in the description put us on blast to ready ourselves for anything. We love Array for it’s playful composites and for pushing the taster to decode the sequences of taste artistry. + All-Day-Vape

Description Accuracy: 8.5

Flavor Intensity: 9

Vapor Production: 8

Scale of Goodness: 9


Not your typical cereal flavored e-liquid. A heady mix of crunch berry cereal, froot loops, and milky milk. 74VG/26PG
 The elusive hunt for the perfect cereal and milk juice alchemy stops here, with Byte. This taste has been brilliantly fed through an enigma machine and cracked for the good of humanity. It’s almost impossible to put into intelligible words to describe it but we have to have some type of standard, or bar to measure it against, so we’ll try:
Bottom of the cereal bowl slurp? Check.
Ambient creamy milkness? Check.
Time-travel to kid-land? Check.
Chain-vaping cereal thriller. Check
Checks out perfectly so far, now it’s Truth-or-Dare time. Ever scooped a handful of crunch berry and/or fruit loops out of the box and munched? We did. Which gave us the idea to send our writer out for these two cereals and a gallon of glass-bottled, dairy milk to compare.
 The real deal? Check yeah! Now we dare you to do the same. Have a bowl. Vape some Byte. Have a handful of cereal. Vape some more Byte. Tell us what you think. But there has to be some difference you’re probably asking yourself and you’d be right, there is a difference:
 One comes in an optimized green bottle with a dripper.
The other is mixed in a bowl one ingredient at a time.
+ All-Day-Vape

Description Accuracy: 9

Flavor Intensity: 9

Vapor Production: 8

Scale of Goodness: 10


A refreshing blend of pomegranate, watermelon, a hint of marshmallow, and a secret ingredient to give you a fruity, yet fluffy flavor. 73VG/27PG

What does fluffy taste like? Really? Can texture have taste and do we, as mere humans, even have the necessary equipment to taste and quantify ‘fluffy’? That seemed to be the funny thing to ask ourselves before reviewing Pow. We’ll see if we can decrypt this for ourselves, and for you without the need for hallucinogens. After closing our eyes, clearing our thoughts, and breathing with mindfulness, we began our vape. And again. Good. Inhale and hold for four seconds, then exhale a full cleansing breath. Repeat a few more times. Weirdness. We feel fluffy! Well not exactly but there is a strong sense of being amongst a cloud of marshmallows. Tote. For us to say ‘tote’ means we’ve regressed and been taken over by Pow. Tote. So many roads lead to Good with this juice, like circuitry inching towards the motherboard. The stated flavors of pomegranate and watermelon come through with a ripe audacity. Each is by turns present and true to their real-world counterparts. Definitely flavors you feel you can smell, taste, chew and swallow.But the Theory of Fluff was found on the exhale of a cotton-soft marshmallow mellowness. Although still in the theoretical phase, we think it’s The One. A neo-tech flavor of fluffy enlightenment.
+ All-Day-Vape

 Description Accuracy: 8

Flavor Intensity: 8.5

Vapor Production: 8

Scale of Goodness: 9.5


A mix of blue raspberry, a hint of juicy grape, and subtle fruit flavors that taste like a popular hard candy. 74VG/26PG

Siren hits you with a full blast of intoxicating flavor, kicking legs out from underneath with loud power chords of berries. Like a pop song in your mouth that sticks to you like a lick of candy. But that’s just the warm up, Siren cranks up the fruit-beat just a notch, but enough to get that good sugar-sugar, honey-honey taste without going over the top.The last part of this vape is like tuning into a neon green transistor glow that radiates a sweet beat of disperate flavor units. A very clean and luscious liquid that’s meant to travel with you throughout the day. You just can’t get this tune outta your head.
+ All-Day-Vape
Description Accuracy: 8
Flavor Intensity: 9
Vapor Production: 8
Scale of Goodness: 9.5


Mango and guava with a secret exotic ingredient. 71VG/29PG

“Intruder alert, your biomass has been compromised! Click here to remove it from your system!”  Um, no way. We want this intruder to take over our flavor operating systems. 

Straight up bliss in a bottle if you like your tropics gorged with ripe, low-hanging jungle fruit. Man go crazy with this sweet-toothed bug designed with mango, mango, guava, more guava… it’s a crazy good soup of savory. The secret ingredient? This juice is programmed to go viral, infecting juice junkies from network to network until it becomes The ‘Interjuice of Everything.’

+ All-Day-Vape

 Description Accuracy: 10

Flavor Intensity: 10

Vapor Production: 8

Scale of Goodness: 10

 In Summary

It was ridiculous how much we all raved about this juice after the review. Likes all across the board. We hope you’ll have a chance to try some of the flavors at your vape shop or order some online. In our opinion, each juice has it’s own ‘flavor niche’ that is distinct and different and could easily stand alone. As a line, that’s a rarity at least among us but Binary is a liquid where every single flavor kills it, regardless of your usual tastes. If Binary E-Liquids were to offer you a choice between the red or blue pill, pick the Binary E-liquid juice line and wake up to a brave new world of flavor. The quality will please the most demanding of customers and the flavors are exotic enough to make you feel as if you’ve rediscovered e-liquids for the first time.


Vapor Hub is the Exclusive Distributor of the Binary Eliquid Line. Plese contact them for Wholesale inquiries.

+1 805-309-0530





Reviewed by FXG, Erik, and and C. Turp ​​

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