Best Tasting E-Juice For Vapers

Best Tasting E-Liquid is becoming more and more sought after as the rise in drippers. Best Tasting E-Liquid is becoming a fine wine. Customers are trying multiple brands to find the right ration of VG/PG, flavoring extracts, nicotine levels, etc. to get them the Best Tasting E-Juice. Customer are looking to find the perfect mix when it comes to cloud comps, tricks, and overall flavor. We have been researching many e-liquid brands to find the Best Tasting E-Liquid available on the market. There are a lot of factors we look for when bringing in a new e-liquid to sell in our shops, as well as distribution. We look for a high VG ratio because this is what the customers want. If you have a high VG eliquid, then the vape is a lot smoother, you get bigger denser clouds for cloud comps, and vape tricks. You also want good flavor and a nicotine level that is suitable for cloud comps, and vape tricks. It is tough to find a high VG eliquid that has a lot of good flavor because PG is what gives the e-liquid the flavor. We have been working with Binary eliquid, and found them to be the absolute Best Tasting E-Juice. Binary e-liquid has a high VG/PG ratio with 75% VG, and 25% PG. This is a perfect ratio to give great dense cloud production, and enough PG to give exceptional flavor. Another intriguing factor that we noticed with Binary is the new unique nicotine levels. They have a 2.5mg nicotine level that a lot of our customers love because they can still do vape tricks, and large clouds, but still get the nicotine they desire when vaping. All around we found Binary to be the Best Tasting E-Juice. Not to mention it is amazing in a rebuildable tank, gives excellent flavor, and still a great vape because it is not 100% VG and not to thick to vape out of a tank or on a dripper. The Binary ejuice has 5 flavors, and our top picks for the Best Tasting E-Liquid was Array and Byte. Array is a very complex mix with many extract that give you a very unique and satisfying vape with all the perfectly mixed ratios of extracts. Byte Is a cereal flavor that is like no other ejuice flavor we have tried. The other 3 flavors from Binary are excellent, but Array and Byte really stood out as the Best Tasting E-Liquid we have ever tried. Take a look at all the other flavors, and descriptions we have on our website, and find the Best Tasting E-Juice that suits your needs for vaping! If you are looking to carry the Best Tasting E-Liquid in your vapor store and would like to inquire about wholesale prices, please email us directly –, fill out our contact form, or call us directly – 805-309-0533 and we can send you our full downloadable wholesale catalog of all the e-liquids we have available and distribute. Now is the time to get your store stocked with the Best Tasting E-Liquid, or if you are a retail customer, click the picture to go browse all the flavor profiles from some of the excellent e juice mixes that we have ever tried!!!

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Best Tasting E-Juice Flavors And Dense Clouds

If you are looking for the Best Tasting E-Liquid  on the market, then you need to try the full line of Binary E-Liquid! This is by far the Best Tasting E-Juice on the market with all the complex mixes of flavors. There is a wide variety of flavors like a cereal flavor called BYTE that is very good and unique. There is another flavor called ARRAY that is a very unique mix of about 5 different extracts this gives this one of the Best Tasting E-Liquid that we have ever tried. If you are looking for the Best Tasting E-Liquid to stock your vapor store with a new brand, then you need to get Binary Eliquid on your shop. We have had multiple re orders for our 2 vapor stores and the customers are absolutely loving this line. Send us an email at – or call us at 805-309-0533 to receive our wholesale prices on Best Tasting E-Liquid brand Binary!


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