Best Cereal E-Juice On The Market 

Best Cereal E-Juice on the market right now is a flavor called BYTE from Binary E-Liquid. This is the Best Cereal E-Juice and most delicious and complex cereal flavored ejuice that we have ever tried. Byte is a mix of Froot Loops, Crunch Berries, and milk. The blend is spot on perfect, and gives you the best of both worlds of cereal flavor ejuice. On the inhale you can taste the Crunch Berry cereal flavor, and on the exhale you can pull the fruity cereal flavors of the fruit loops. The bottles are absolutely amazing, and look fantastic. We really love the the new nicotine levels that it comes in. The fact that you can choose 0mg, 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg, or 10mg give you many options when it comes to dripping or in a tank. If you are looking for the Best Cereal E-Juice on the market right now, you need to pick up a bottle of Byte –  Binary Eliquid!!! We give it 5 stars!!! You can also order the best cereal eliquid right here at Vapor Hub. Just click on the e-liquid tab, and search for the brand Binary E-Liquid and browse all the other excellent flavors like the Best Cereal e-juice out on the market right now at affordable prices! Check out BYTE by clicking on the picture below and order a bottle of the Best Cereal E-Juice at only $9.95 for a premium flavored eliquid that you can vape all day! If you own a vapor store, and looking for the Best Cereal E Juice to stock your store, send us an email we our now the exclusive distributor the Binary E-Liquid. We became the exclusive distributor because this was the best Cereal E Juice that we have ever tried. We could not keep BYTE in stock, because it sold so quickly. We know it is hard to stock your store on a regular basis for the best Cereal E Juice because most companies or 3-4 weeks on back order. We have purchased a large inventory of Binary, and we have everything in stock for retail and wholesale. All retail orders ship same day if not next day. Wholesale Cereal E-Liquid ships out same day if not next day. If you want to bring more customers into your vapor store, and stock your shelf’s with the best Cereal E Juice, send us an email – and we can send you wholesale prices on Binary.

 Best Cereal Flavor E-Liquid

Best Cereal e-juice

2 replies on “Best Cereal E-Juice

  • Mark T.

    I ordered a bottle 3 days ago and got it today, and I have already vaped the entire bottle. This is by far the best cereal e juice i have ever tried. It is like no other cereal flavored eliquid i have ever vaped. If you are looking for the best cereal e juice you need to try byte. Well done binary!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica McCarthur

    best Cereal E Juice by far!!!! I fell in love with byte and told my boss who owns a vape store and let him try my bottle. he agreed with me the byte was the best Cereal E Juice that he has ever tried and we placed a wholesale order and the product arrived to our shop in 5 days and we sold out in 2 days after we recevied the order. This is a must have brand in your vape store to get this wholesale cereal eliquid brand.


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