Best Battery Box Mods

Best Battery For box mods

Best Battery For box mods is a battery is based on the needs of what you are looking for. If you are looking for high amps, clouds, and performance, then something like the 18650 Vamped 40 amp 2300 mAh battery is for you. If you are looking for a long lasting battery with sustainable power, then something like the AW IMR is for you. The mAh’s are higher, and still has decent amp output. This would be suitable in a genesis style tank, bottom feeder, RTA, or carto tank. If you are looking to blow clouds with an RDA dripper, then the Vamped 40 amp 18650 2300 mAh are the best batteries box mods. The 2300 mAh Vamped 40 Amp 18650 battery is the most powerful battery on the market right now. It is a custom battery cell developed for RDA drippers who want sustainable amp output and performance when it comes to box mods mechanical mods. If you are looking for the best 18650 battery for box mods, and the most powerful 18650 battery, then you need to pick up a Vamped 40 amp battery for your mods and drippers! Grab one of the most powerful 18650 batteries in the box mods industry and grab a Vamped 40 amp 2300 mAh battery and step up your vape game! We have tested the vamped 40 amp batteries in many regulated and un regulated box mods, and the battery life is exceptional. We can go for about 1-2 days on a fully charged set of vamped batteries. In a mechanical box mod, you will have tons of power if your box mod is series, or parallel. In a regulated box mod, you still get the great power by adjusting your watts. If you want to conserve your  battery life to last you 3 days, you can lower your watts on a tank, and you can go for days on 2 vamped batteries.

Best Battery Box mods


Best Batteries Box mods -Vamped 18650 Battery 

If you want to get a new battery, and you are looking for the Best Battery Box mods, and want something powerful for drippers, then the Vamped 18650 40 amp 2300 mah is the best available battery on the market. The Vamped 40 amp battery is the Best Batteries Box mods due to the high 40 amp output feature. There are a lot of misconceptions on pulse rate and continuous amps for batteries. The 40 amp battery is a 40 amp pulse and 20 amp continuous. A pulse is defined as a pulse rate of 30 seconds or longer. When it comes to box mods, no one is firing their more for longer than 30 seconds, so the true amp output is 40 amps for box mods mods with RDA’s. The continuous 20 amp rating occurs when the battery is being fired for longer than 30 seconds, it drops down to 20 amps to protect the battery and allow it to last longer. This is not the case when it comes to box mods because no mods will be firing for longer than 30 seconds. If you are looking for the Best Battery Box mods, pick up some of the Vamped 40 amp batteries and truly experience the strongest battery on the market! The new vamped 2300 mAh batteries are the best batteries for box mods that we have used, and tested against many other batteries in box mods. Pick up a set up Vamped batteries and use the discount code – boxbattery – and save $10 when you order 2 batteries for your box mod!

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