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    Here is a brief Limitless Arms Race Box Mod Review – In today’s world of vaping there are so many mods out there, regulated mods, mechanical mods, un-regulated box mods and in each of these categories you have so many different ones to choose from, but today we are going be looking at the dual 18650 regulated box mod, to be more specific the Limitless Arms Race 200w Box Mod! Is it just me or lately has it been hard distinguishing one box mod from another? I mean sure they all have slight differences that set them apart but for the most part they all look the same. Well this is where the Limitless Arms Race comes in! I will give you my Limitless Arms Race Box Mod Review based on the features and specs on this NEW device!

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    Limitless Arms Race Review Diving Deeper

    The Limitless Arms Race is a dual 18650 device that has a max output of 200w. The Arms race is capable of running in temperature control mode (Ni, SS, Ti) and variable wattage mode, utilizing a brand new chip to power this device, you will never have to worry about a “miss fire” so to speak or the occasional “it says 80 watts but feels like 40”, which I know we have all had happen before. Using a high density polymer (mostly to cut down on weight) for the main structure of this device it is actually extremely durable, having dropped it more than a few times and there has been no change in performance. As we work down the device to the battery door…or I guess you could say magazine as it uses a copper magazine style battery door to hold your batteries in nice and snug, also providing a great connection for ultimate conductivity! The OLED screen on this device is fairly small and normally I would give it a negative remark for this, but this screen is actually very legible and fits the design of this device perfectly!

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    Limitless Arms Race Box Mod Review – The Looks

    Now Normally I would not dedicate an entire section to the looks of a device, but for the Limitless Arms Race I just had too because let’s face it…….it is that bad ass!  Starting with the very top of this device you will notice it has kind of a guard I guess you could say that makes somewhat of a semi-circle around which ever atomizer you choose to run on this bad boy. Now I was skeptical about this feature as I like to run a 24mm atomizer on most of my device and I thought for sure it would rub on the sides of this, but upon further investigation I noticed that you fit up to a 25mm atty on here and it fit like a glove. Moving on from there the atomizer sits on top of a picatinny rail which is a feature that I absolutely love as it gives it a really tactical fell. Keeping with the tactical feel the fire button also has a picatinny style to it and because of the soft coating of the device it does not tear up your fingers or make things uncomfortable by any means. We all know that Limitless prides themselves on the fact that when it comes to customization their options are…well…Limitless, so keeping with that theme they have made the Arms Race in three different color options (and we can only assume with more to come), For now the options are; Desert Digi, which is a desert digital camo, Blue Digi, blue digital camo and lastly Black Skull Chief, which is an all-black option with the Skull Chief printed on the side.


    Review On The Limitless Arms Race Box Mod – Wrappin It Up

    All in all the Limitless Arms race box mod gets a huge thumbs up! Sure, it’s a dual 18650 variable wattage with temp control device like any other….on the inside. The fact that this is a tactical warrior on the outside is something that the market really has yet to see and for that this device will be a “go to” for me.

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