IJOY Combo RDTA Review- The TRUTH!!!!

    IJOY Combo RDTA is a product that was designed by Limitless Mod co. The IJOY Combo RDTA was a concept that the owners of Limitless Mod Co. developed with IJOY when in China. Limitless Mod Co. shared their valuable ideas on improving the functionality, ease of use, and versatility of the original Limitless RDTA, that was also designed by the owner of Limitless Mod co. The IJOY Combo RDTA was a concept that was an idea from LMC with the ability to interchange the decks to give builders options and choices to have different post, and different build options. This concept was drawn out with the intention of continuing the collaboration with IJOY to develop this new innovative technology into what is now known as the IJOY Combo RDTA.  It now has come to a turning point in the partnership of Limitless and IJOY to where the owner of IJOY (William) has become greedy, and is now taking the success of the ideas of Limitless Mod co to develop the concepts originated from LMC, and produce them without the consent, and use of the LMC logo in order to gain more business. IJOY has failed to ship products to Limitless Mod Co, and is now stealing customers from LMC in order to gain popularity and a financial benefit from LMC ideas and concepts. The IJOY Combo RDTA was the sole idea and concept that LMC came up with in hopes of continuing a partnership with IJOY. Since the pre release of the IJOY Combo RDTA LMC has no other option than to discontinue business with IJOY and venture to develop more innovative ideas that will not compromise the reputation of LMC.

    After reviewing the IJOY Combo RDTA we have noticed many engineering and design flaws with the IJOY Combo RDTA. There are some safety concerns that consumers, distributors, and shop owners should be concerned about. Limitless Mod Co. was not able to receive renderings of the IJOY Combo RDTA before release, and therefore LMC was not able to make the appropriate changes that have MAJOR safety concerns. Everyone should be aware that there are a few major flaws in the design of the IJOY Combo RDTA and could pose a potential risk to user when using the IJOY Combo RDTA.

    IJOY Combo RDTA – Idea Stolen From Limitless Mod Co

    For businesses that cannot come up with their own ideas, and must steal from true innovators like LMC, the owner of IJOY has taken the IJOY Combo RDTA concepts originally developed from the owners of LMC to gain back the popularity of their dying brand IJOY. We hope that anyone considering the IJOY Combo RDTA should be educated on the major safety flaws that are associated with the IJOY Combo RDTA. LMC will be producing the corrected version of the IJOY Combo RDTA and develop a true Limitless RDTA with interchangeable deck posts.

    We hope everyone will continue to support Limitless Mod Co. in the fight against the idea stealing from IJOY on the conceptual products designed by LMC and not purchase any IJOY products and not the IJOY Combo RDTA and wait for the true USA designs from LMC to come out shortly!

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