Vape Juice

Vape Juice – Best E-Liquid Flavors

Vape Juice brands are becoming more and more complex. If your’e looking for the best Vape Juice for your tank or atomizer, we have some great options for you. If you are looking to try a new flavor, or new brand of Vape Juice for your vaping device, we have some of the best flavors you can find online. If you are looking for fruity, cereal, dessert, yogurt, or even complex mixes, we have a wide variety of eliquid flavors for you to choose from. If you are looking for cheap , we have a section for clearance eliquid that was over purchased and put on sale to help move the inventory quicker. This is a great win for you if you are looking for cheap Vape Juice because these are all popular brands, and we just have too much inventory so you can now get them at great prices. If you want to try new Vape Juice Flavors because you have been stuck on the same brand or flavor, we will give you some great options that are complex all day vapes that you can enjoy at an affordable price. We test all brands and flavors of Vape Juice before we stock them in our stores and online. Everything that we offer has gone through extensive reviews, and we only pick up the best Vape Juice flavors and brands to sell to our customers. Some of the most popular Vape Juice brands out on the market right now are Binary eliquid, Boom Sap, and LiquidFX. If you have not tried these brands before, we highly suggest them. After all of our reviews, of more than 20 people testing them, these are by far the top flavors that received the highest reviews. We will go over some of the flavors in each brand so that you can get a sense of what they are, what they would taste like, VG/Pg ratios, and if they are the right fit for you!

Best Vape Juice Brands 2016

After extensive reviews, Binary eliquid is our highest rated Vape Juice that we have to offer. Binary eliquid has five flavors in its line. The VG/PG ratios vary per flavor. There is a very scientific analysis that has gone into each flavor to make sure each one pulls out the right flavor notes, and still vapes great in a tank, or on a dripper. The VG/PG ratios range from 70/30-75/25. You can view each different VG/PG ration by clicking the eliquid tab above, and clicking on the Binary tap. Another interesting factor is their unique nicotine levels. This is something that we have never seen before in the industry, and we love it! We love it because it helps people wean themselves down from a higher nicotine level down to a lower nicotine level without having large jumps down from each level. It is also a great new nicotine level system because they have a 2.5mg nicotine level that is great for dripping. Their entire line ranges from 0mg, 2.5mg, 5mg,, and 10mg. This is a formulation that we would love to see more eliquid brands do. The Binary eliquid line is not a one hit wonder. Rather it is a line of 5 flavors that are all great, and hit each different pallet types. For example, BYTE is a unique cereal mixture. ARRAY is a sweet and sour candy flavor that is definitely an all day vape. VIRUS is a mango Guava exotic mix. We highly suggest you try all of their flavors, and they even have a great sample pack with a great savings that you can try each flavor of their Vape Juice line at an affordable price. The other runners up are Boom Sap Vape Juice, and LiquidFX eliquid. Each brand has their own different flavors, and they are all delicious. If you would like to review their full flavor lines, and all of their different types of mixtures. Simply hover over the eliquid tab above, scroll down to the desired Vape Juice brand that you would like to review, and click on the brand to read each of the flavor profiles that would fit you best.

Best Vape Juice


Wholesale Vape Juice Distributor To Stock Your Store

If you are a store owner, and looking to stock your store with great new Vape Juice brands, then Vapor Hub is the distributor for you. All of the brands of of Vape Juice that we have talked about, and more are available for wholesale from our distribution center in Southern California. To inquire about wholesale Vape Juice, please email [email protected] or call our distributor line – 805-309-0533 to speak to a friendly sales rep who can send you our wholesale Vape Juice catalog.

Box Mod Starter Kit

Box Mod Starter Kit – Best Box Mods Kits

Box Mod Starter Kit options are great for beginners to vaping. Box Mod Kit packages can be great for starters who are looking to get into vaping, but do not know a lot about vaping. As a starter you can get into vaping with some great Box Mod Kit packages that are very affordable. We will get into some of the options for vaping, the best Box Mod Starter Kit for beginners, and some of the prices that are out there. If you are looking to start getting into vaping, weather it be to wean yourself off cigarettes, or use as an alternative to cigarettes. There are a lot of great options for a Box Mod Kit that wont break the bank, and still deliver high quality products. When it comes to starting out on vaping, you will most likely be getting a tank with a replaceable coil that you can easily change out when it gets burnt, or dried out. The advanced option in vaping is a rebuildable tank, or a rebuildable atomizer. This will take you some time to get into and learn how to build coils. For someone that is starting to get into vaping, you can buy a Box Mod Kit already packaged together. Most of the times, you will be saving some money when you buy Box Mod Kit built together. The manufacturer will pass on some of the savings when buying the kit together. The other option is finding a box mod that fits your wants and needs, and then finding a tank that you will like. This may take some educating, and learning what these products are and how they function. This option might be best if you are in a vape shop being educated by vape enthusiast employees. If you are looking to save time and money, the best Box Mod Starter Kit Cheap you can get is one online that has everything packaged together. Some box mods need additional batteries to power your box mod. Some box mods have batteries built in, and you only need to charge the actual device. What is the best Box Mod Starter Kit for a starter, and where do you get it? We will answer these questions for you in the next paragraph.

Box Mod Starter Kit – Which One Is The Best?

If you are looking for a Box Mod Starter Kit and you want the best, but do not want to break the bank, then we have a great option for you. There is a new Box Mod Kit out from Council of Vapor that comes with the mini volt box mod, a tank, and a replacement coil. The mini volt box mod has a built in battery, so you do not need to purchase additional batteries for your device. You simply plug your device in when the battery is low to recharge the internal battery. The tank that comes with the Box Mod Starter Kit is called the Vengeance tank. This is one of the best tanks on the market. It delivers superior performance when it comes to vapor production, and taste. The Vengeance tank is very easy to use, you simply screw in the coil in the bottom of the tank. There are also complete direction on how to properly use this Box Mod Kit. Once you get your coil into your tank, then you can now simply insert the eliquid into the tank. Make sure not to get any eliquid into the center post of the tank. Once you fill the tank with your desired eliquid, then you let the eliquid soak into the coal for a couple of minutes. Do not use right away, or you could burn the coil, and you will have to replace it. One trick is to put a couple of drops of eliquid directly onto the coil where to cotton and wires are. This will help soak of the eliquid onto the coil. Now that your tank is filled, you can now screw the tank onto the threaded 510 connection on your device. Once the connection is there, click the power button 5 times to turn on. Once the device it on, keep the wattage setting as low as possible and slow inhale to bring the eliquid into the cotton more. Once the coil is soaked and primed, you can increase the wattage and vape as you need! The mini volt Box Mod Starter  Kit is a great setup for starters. If you would like to know the features, specs, and pricing on the Mini Volt Box Mod Starter Kit Cheap, click on the picture below to take you to the products page.

Box Mod Kit

Mini Volt Box Mod Kit Wholesale

If you are looking to get the mini volt Box Mod Starter  Kit wholesale please email us at [email protected], call our distribution center at 805-309-0533.

Box Mods E Cigs

Box Mods E Cigs For Vaping 

Box Mods E Cigs are becoming more and more popular for vapers. Box Mods E Cigs are either mechanical, or variable voltage devices that last longer than traditional tube mods. Consumers are gravitating more towards Box Mods E Cigs because some of these devices can have two to three 18650 battery options to last longer than a traditional 18650 tube mod. These devices will last a user all day or even two days based on the battery option of the box mod. Consumers are looking to buy Box Mods E Cigs because they can have powerful chips to give you more vapor production on your atomizer, or your tank. This is the desired option when people want to blow larger clouds, more vapor production for tricks, or simply lasting longer without changing batteries. For users who want to use their device all day without changing batteries, or charging their device, so they will use a smaller Box Mods E Cigs because they can adjust the wattage setting to use less battery power and get more use out of the device. There are many different price points when it comes to Box Mods E Cigs. These prices can vary based on how many batteries it can hold, the type of brand, the type of chip being used, and where the device is manufactured. If a device is manufactured over seas, the price point will typically be lower. You may be compromising on the quality of the device, but benefiting for a lower retail price. If a Box Mods E Cigs is made in the USA, the quality of the product will be superior, but you will be paying a premium for this device. If the Box Mods E Cig has a lower chip in it, in the range of 40 watts-60 watts, the price point will be in the lower echelon for retail. If you are looking for a more powerful device, with a chip that ranges from 150 watts to 200 watts or more, you are going to pay a premium because these chips are custom designed and custom programmed for maximum power. What are the best Box Mods E Cigs, who has the best brand, and who has the best prices? We will go over these options for you, so you can find the right device for you.

Box Mods E Cigs

Best Box Mods E Cigs For Brands And Prices

If you are looking for the best Box Mods E Cigs, there are many things to consider. Are you looking for a low price point, are you looking for power, are you looking for name brands? We will discuss all these options for you, so you can find the right device that fits your needs. If you are looking for a cheap Box Mods E Cig, there a couple popular devices out on the market that retail for $35. These device is call the mini volt from Council Of Vapor. It is a small and sleek device, that has a 40 watt chip, with custom settings in it. If you are looking for  cheap Box Mods E Cigs, the mini volt is a great device to pick up! There is another affordable Box Mods E Cig called the noisy cricket from Jaybo Design. This is a fully mechanical device that uses two 18650 batteries that can give you a good amount of power, at a low price point. If you are looking for more power with a 150 watt chip or more that utilizes two 18650 batteries. There are a couple good brands that come overseas that are 150 watt chip devices or even 200 watt chip products. Some of the popular brands are Sigelei, Pioneer4You, Asmodus, or IJOY. If you are looking for a more powerful Box Mods E Cigs 200 watt device, you are going to be paying more because of the chip setting and brands. Make sure to check back on our site to see the newest Box Mods E Cigs 2016 and the devices that are coming out.

Box Mods E Cig

Wholesale Box Mods E Cigs

If you are looking for wholesale Box Mods E Cigs, send us an email at [email protected] call our distribution center at 805-309-0533 to receive a wholesale catalog on all of the Box Mods E Cigs that we have available. Or click the wholesale banner to the right to fill out your contact info to have a sales rep send you our wholesale catalog to get prices on all of the devices that we offer!

Variable Voltage Box Mod

Variable Voltage Box Mod – What Are They?

Variable Voltage Box Mod is a device that has a programmed computer chip that allows you to adjust the voltage and wattage to a specified setting. There are many different types of Variable Voltage Box Mods on the market. These can range from single battery box mods, to 3 battery box mods, lower chip settings, and temperature control devices. The different types of chips in the Variable Voltage Box Mod devices allow the user to get more power depending on the chip set. There can be devices as low as 40 watts, and even up to 300 watts. The more power that you have, the quicker your coils will heat up, giving you more vapor. This is desired for users who are using a dripper, and want the maximum amount of power, for the biggest vapor cloud that it can produce. For users who want to use a tank, or a sub ohm tank, they can get a lower chip setting to run around 40-60 watts. This will ensure that the coil does not burn and give you a bad taste. These lower chip setting Variable Voltage Box Mod devices will typically be cheaper. These devices can be as cheap as $35- $60 depending on the brand and design of the device. For the larger chip sets on the 150 watt to 250 watt Variable Voltage Box Mod devices, they can be a bit more expensive because of the programming for the chip. These devices will typically be in the range of $75-$300. Once again it all depends on the brand, where it is manufactured, and the materials that go into the device.

Best Variable Voltage Box Mod On The Market

When it comes to the best Variable Voltage Box Mod on the market, we need to look at what you are trying to accomplish. If you like to use a tank for all day use, then a smaller chip set will work just great. The best Variable Voltage Box Mod on the right now that is 40 watts is the mini volt by Council OF Vapor. These is an extremely small, compact and affordable device that is great for tanks. The mini volt retails for $35 and is a sleek compact device that you can take anywhere. You can see what the mini volt looks like in the pictures below. If you are looking for a larger, more powerful Variable Voltage Box Mod, then the best device on the market would be the 200 watt IJOY device. It is very affordable for what you are getting, and it is very powerful. The 200 watt IJOY device is a two 18650 battery, custom chip device that can fire down very low on your atomizer build. You can check out this powerful device in the pictures below. There are always new devices hitting the market, and we are always the first to get them. Some of the newest Variable Voltage Box Mods that are hitting the market, are the Limitless box mod. This is a very reputable name in the industry, and they supply great products. Be the first to get your hands on these devices before they are sold out! If you are looking to buy Variable Voltage Box Mod that fits you best, click the tab above to view all the different types of box mods that we carry.

Variable Voltage Box ModVariable Voltage Box Mods

Wholesale Variable Voltage Box Mod Devices For Your Shop

If you are a shop owner and looking to bring in Variable Voltage Box Mod devices at wholesale prices, then you came to the right place. Vapor Hub International, Inc is a full distribution company that offers many different types of Variable Voltage Box Mod devices at great wholesale prices. Shoot us an email at [email protected], call our distribution center at – 805-309-0533, or click the wholesale banner to the right to get Wholesale Variable Voltage Box Mod prices to get into your shop. We look forward to doing business with you, and supplying you with the best devices on the market!

Vapor Wholesale And Distribution

Vapor Wholesale And Distribution From Vapor Hub

Vapor Wholesale And Distribution is a vital key to stocking your vape store. Vapor Wholesale And Distribution companies are needed to supply the best products, devices, eliquid, and accessories for your rowing customers. When it comes to stocking your store with the newest products that customers are looking for. Customers are constantly coming into vape stores looking for the newest box mods, best eliquid, and newest atty’s on the market. If you do not have these products, you are missing out on sales. At Vapor Hub we are a premier Vapor Wholesale And Distribution company that offers the newest products in the industry. When it comes to new eliquid brands, we are constantly testing to make sure it is a premium eliquid line. We also do extensive testing to ensure that these eliquid brands are diacetyl safe. Diacetyl is a growing concern in the industry, and we want to make sure that all of the wholesale eliquid brands that we distribute are diacetyl safe, with proper lab reports, child safety caps, and cello wraps to ensure proper industry standards. We are constantly looking into the newest, most popular devices at our Vapor Wholesale And Distribution company. Box mods are on the rise, and we continue to seek after the newest brands, the newest models, and even custom designed box mods that you can only get at Vapor Hub. If you are looking for a reputable Vapor Wholesale And Distribution Company, send us an email at – [email protected] or call our Vapor distribution center hotline at – 805-309-0533 and you will be assigned a friendly sales rep that can help you get your order placed, and shipped out quickly.

Best Vapor Wholesale And Distribution For Hot Products

If you are looking for the best Vapor Wholesale And Distribution to bring in the newest, hottest vape products to your store, then you came to the right place. At Vapor Hub we have an extensive wholesale catalog with some of the newest box mods, elquid brands, Atty’s and vape mods. Below you will find some pictures of the newest devices that we offer at our Vapor Wholesale And Distribution company. First is the mini volt box mod, the smallest, hottest new box mod to the market. The mini volt box mod is a compact, 40 watt, variable voltage device that is sleek and powerful. Customers are asking for this new box mod around the world, and we are one of the few distributors that offer this box mod. At the wholesale and retail price so low and affordable, this is just one of the reasons why this tiny box mod is flying off the shelf at vape stores world wide. Low cost vape devices are a new growing trend for consumers, as well as in vapor stores. Most devices came from the USA, and the prices were over $100. Customers are now seeking devices that are in the price range under $50. There are a lot of new devices that are coming out that are in these price points. One excellent product is the Limitless Atty that retails around that $50 price point. The quality of the Limitless Atty is top notch quality, at an affordable price. As a leading Vapor Wholesale And Distribution company, these are the types of products that customers are looking for. Contact Vapor Hub Vapor Wholesale And Distribution company to get these great vape products into your store, and start driving more customers, and increasing your sales!

Vapor Wholesale And DistributionVapor Wholesale And Distribution Company

Top Vapor Wholesale And Distribution Company

Vape Tricks

Vape Tricks – Box Jellyfish 

Vape Tricks are popular for vapers world wide. Vape Tricks are what people are trying to master with their free time. What are the Best Vape Tricks that are out right now? First we had the O’s, then we had the spam O’s, then we had the Jellyfish, but what is the nest Best Vape Trick that people are trying to master right now. By far the hardest Vape Trick is the new Box Jellyfish. The Jellyfish Vape Trick is one of the hardest Vape Tricks out there, but the best Vape Trick right now is by far the Box Jellyfish. This is when you take a large O, and turn it into a square Jellyfish. Check out the video of the best Vape Tricks below, and see if you can master the Box Jellyfish with this difficult Square Vape Trick. Learn how to do vape tricks by watching these tutorial videos.

Best Vape Tricks Ever – Hardest Vape Tricks – Box Jellyfish – The Square – O- Spamming

Learn how to do vape tricks on some of the newest tricks that these vapers are doing now.

Vape Tricks At Vapor Hub


Vape Distributors

Vape Distributors USA

Vape Distributors are very important when looking for wholesale vapor products. Vape Distributors are vital when it comes to stocking your vapor store with nothing but high quality vapor devices, e-liquid, accessories, and more. There are quite a few Vape Distributors USA that supply vapor devices, but no eliquid. Some Vape Distributors that supply only eliquid, and no vapor products. At Vapor Hub, we are the number one  Vape Distributor USA for all your vapping needs. If you are looking for a new eliquid line, we carrying a wide variety of Diacetyl Safe eliquid brands. We always bring in the newest lines, with lab reports to prove they are Diacetyl Safe which is a very important topic in the vapor industry. If you are looking for new vapor devices like box mods, mechanical mods, atty’s, accessories, batteries, or other products, we are your supplier for all your vaping needs as the top Vape Distributor USA. If you are looking to stock your vapor store with new vapor devices, new eliquid, or any other products, we are the best Vape Distributors you can choose. Simply call our distribution center in Southern California at – 805-309-0533 or email [email protected] and we will send you our full wholesale catalog. We do not have a website for ordering product online. We do this because we want to remain the best Vape Distributors USA by giving you a dedicated sales rep you can call anytime and get customer service and attention that you deserve. Here are just a few products that we offer wholesale as your trusted Vape Distributors. Scroll down to see some of the newest products we offer. Make sure to contact us today to get more information, as well as our wholesale catalog.


Vape Distributors With Great Wholesale Prices On Box Mods

As premier Vape Distributors in the industry, we always want to carry the best products on the market that customers, as well as shop owners are looking for. Since box mods are the trend right now, we have some great box mods products that are available. Some of the top selling box mods that we have available for wholesale are the mini volt box mod, and Trident box mod from Council Of Vapor. Some other great box mods that are available for wholesale are the IPV D3, Sigelie box mods, Noisy Cricket, and the new Limitless Box mods. There are always new box mods coming out, and we aim to be the first, if not the exclusive distributor of them to deliver the products that our customers are seeking. This is our main goal as the top Vape Distributors in the industry. Scroll down to view some of the box mods that we have available on our wholesale catalog as your number one choice as Vape Distributors!

mini-voltNoisy Cricket Mod Black

E-Liquid Vape Distributors USA 

When it comes to new eliquid lines, Vapor Hub is your direct supplier for premium eliquid lines that are Diacetly Safe. As the top Vape Distributors USA, we screen all eliquids before we pick them up to make sure they are Diacetl Safe. There are a few brands out on the market that are Diacetl safe, but not many. As this topic becomes more widely spread of our awareness campaign as a leading Vape Distributor, we want to make sure all eliquid that is sold in shops is Diacetyl Safe, to ensure the safety of our customers, as well as the longevity of our industry. One of the best tasting eliquid lines that we distribute, and is Diacetyl Safe is Binary eliquid. Binary eliquid is a premium line with 5 great flavors ranging from cereal, fruity, dessert, and all day vapes. Binary eliquid also has unique eliquid levels that no one else in the industry has done before. These eliquid leveles go from 0mg, 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg. This is our top selling wholesale eliquid line as Vape Distributors to our customers. Make sure to contact us today to get this great tasting, Diacetyl Safe eliquid line into your vapor store! New eliquid is important, so make sure you are stocking your store with the newest, the greatest, and the most popular e juice on the market to continue to drive sales and bring in new customers!

Diacetyl Free E Liquid

Cheap Box Mods

Cheap Box Mods At Affordable Prices

Cheap Box Mods are a highly sought after vape product. Cheap Box Mods are all over the internet, but finding the best one, at the right price is hard to find. We have developed a list of Cheap Box Mods that you can buy directly at affordable prices. There are a lot of Cheap Box Mod Clones on the market, but some of them are made from very cheap quality materials, sub par chips, and lose wiring connections that can pose a potential risk for vapers. When searching for Cheap Box Mods, it is essential to find high quality devices that are made from high quality materials, thick wire gauges, and high quality programmed chips. The majority of these high quality Cheap Box Mods are usually authentic devices made over seas in large volume. Some of the high quality Cheap Box Mods come from reputable manufacturers like Council Of Vapor, Pioneer4You, Sigelei, and Asmodus. If you are looking for an authentic device, you are most likely going to pay a premium for these devices. There are some manufacturers of Cheap Box Mods that are authentic devices, made in large volume, to deliver at an affordable price. One brand that stands out is the Council Of Vapor brand that has authentic devices  that supply Cheap Box Mods and custom programmed chips.

Cheap Box Mods From Council Of Vapor

One of the cheapest Box Mods from Council of Vapor is the mini volt. The mini volt is one of the smallest devices on the market. As you can see in the picture below, referencing a quarter to show the size comparison. Not only is the mini volt the smallest device on the market, it is one of the Cheap Box Mods on the market. The average retail price for the mini volt device is $35-$45. For such an affordable price, you get a high quality device, custom programmed chip, and a sleek compact device. This custom programmed chip has 3 power settings; soft, standard, or powerful, to give you different setting depending on your atomizer.  The mini volt device is 40 watts and can handle sub ohm tanks, or even a dripper at the right ohms. The mini volt device has a 1300 mah battery, and when using on the low power setting on a tank, it can last you all day.  One of another great Cheap Box Mods from Council Of Vapor is the Trident. The Trident is a single 18650 device with a custom programmed chip. The Trident is a 60 watt variable voltage device that delivers superior performance at an affordable price.

Cheap Box ModsCheap Box Mod

Buy Cheap Box Mods Online And Save Time And Money 

Buy Cheap Box Mods online and save time from searching hundreds of websites, and save money by buying directly from a reputable online retailer. You can continue searching for hours for the right device, or you can buy directly from Vapor Hub at affordable prices. We only offer high quality products so you know you are getting the best box mod at the cheapest price. At Vapor Hub we offer fast shipping, and discount codes for free shipping for orders over $50. So make sure to add some high quality eliquid to your order, and get free shipping. If you are looking for the Cheapest Box Mods, do not hesitate as these products sell very quickly because of the low prices. Order today and get your device in a few days!

Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands

Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands With Lab Tested E Juice Reports

Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands are very important for consumers as well as wholesale customers. Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands should be the brands that are available in vapor stores for retail customers to purchase. Consumers should be aware of Diacetly Safe levels in elquid. The industry standard Diacetyl Safe Levels are under 5 parts per million, with an ideal range to be under 2 parts per million. As you can see in the Binary eliquid reports, they are all under the 5 parts per million making the Diacetyl Safe Levels below the industry standard. Because this is such an important topic in the vapor industry, we have comprised a list of Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands along with lab reports to show proof. Scroll down the list to see what are available Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands that you can purchase directly or from retail vape shops. We will be adding all Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands that can show proof of lab reports. If you are an eliquid company looking to get on the Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brands list, please send an email with your lab reports to – [email protected] and we will add your Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brand to our list with proper Lab Tested E Juice documentation.

Binary E-Liquid – Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brand – Lab Tested E Juice

Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brand Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid ByteDiacetyl Safe E-Liquid SIRENDiacetyl Safe E-Liquid ArrayDiacetyl Safe E-Liquid POWDiacetyl Safe E-Liquid VIRUS

Lost Art – Diacetyl Safe E-Liquid Brand – Lab Tested E Juice

Diacetyl Free E-Liquid BrandsDiacetyl Free E-Liquid BrandDiacetyl Free E-JuicesDiacetyl Free E-Juice BrandsDiacetyl Free E-JuiceDiacetyl Free E-LiquidDiacetyl Free E-Liquids

Lab Tested E Juice

We want to make sure all of the brands listed have proper documentation for Lab Tested E Juice in order to be listed on this page. We want to inform the entire vape community about which brands have Lab Tested E Juice with reports to prove acceptable Diacetyl levels. If you are an e liquid brand that has Lab Tested E Juice with documentation and would like to be listed on our site, please email your info to [email protected] and we will post your Lab Tested E Juice results on our site to inform the vape community on a large scale. To get wholesale information on carrying these brands of e juice. please send an email to [email protected] or call our distribution center for wholesale info and pricing at 805-309-0533 and we will have a sales rep send you our wholesale catalog with pricing.