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This is a private commercial we shot at Vapor Hub. We introduce our philosophy, products including mechanical mods, the next generation of e-cigarettes and how we the best to offer the Vapor Store community. Our pricing is very competitive and our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Check out our website at Check out our Grand Vapor Mechanical mods including the Missile Mod, Mortor SS Mod, and the limited edition LA Sentinel Mod.

Biowick Wholesale – 3mm Cotton Wick

Biowick Wholesale – Get All Natural Cotton Wick In Your Vapor Store

Biowick is the newest all natural cotton wick out of the Philippines to bring vapping to a new level. You are seeing more and more vapers who use cotton to build their tanks. Why is that? This is because cotton is more absorbent and can hold more e-liquid on  dripper. The only problem is that cotton contains bleach in the USA and must be boiled to remove the harmful bleach. If this is not done correctly, you can be inhaling harmful chemicals and be doing some damage to your lungs. Biowick has solved that problem with an all natural cotton wick that comes in easy to use packs of 10 feet long. Biowick claims on their website that you can get better taste, more vapor, and far more absorbent. When it comes to dripping, this is essential to have a wick that can absorb more e-liquid without having to drip every hit or two. Cotton builds are becoming more and more traditional for RBA builders.

Wholesale Biowick Cotton Wick Packs – All Natural- No Boiling

If you are a vapor store owner and want to get Biowick Wholesale Biowick Cottonwholesale prices and get Biowick in your store, then you have landed on the right site. We are the exclusive distributor of Biowick. Biowick is manufactured out of the Philippines and do not have any exclusive distributors in the USA. We have been working together with Biowick to give you competitive prices that you can sell in your Vapor Store and still make a great margin. If you want to get Biowick cotton wick in your store, please send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our contact form page. We will respond to you in less than 12 hours and give you Biowick wholesale prices. We will also be getting posters, shirts, and marketing material for larger orders placed with us so that you can market Biowick in your vapor store as an authorized distributor. Get the best biowick wholesale prices right here from the exclusive distributor, and get it fast!



Best Rebuildable Atomizer

What is the Best Rebuildable Atomizer?

If you are looking for the Best Rebuildable Atomizer then you have come to the right place. At Vapor Hub we search out the Best Rebuildable Atomizers when it comes to the vapping industry. We have some of the most sought after RBAs because of the exclusivity and the quality of these RBA’s and RDA tanks. We have the Best Rebuildable Atomizers on our website from the Philippines and all over the world. Some of our RDAs include the trident, nimbus, Prometheus, atomic, IGO, AGA- T2, imortalizer, and many more to come to the store. You can check out all of the Best Rebuildable Atomizer selections we have to choose from by clicking any link on this page or cliking the Tanks and Atomizer tab to your left. I would have to say on of the Best Rebioldable Atomizer (RBA) would be the Patriot Dripper! This is on the best drippers that I have ever used. It measures in at 22mm wide, so it sits flush on mostly all mods. Check out on of the best rebuildable atomizers, and pick up a Patriot Dripper Today!!! The PAtriot is made in the USA just like the AR Mod, so pick up a Patriot RBA Dripper and an AR Mod (Pictures Below) and you will have a very reliable all USA made vapor mod!

Chrome Patriot RBA


Black Green Ar Mod


Best Rebuildable Atomizers

Best Rebuildable Atomizer For Experince

If you are new to the vaping world, and want to start getting into RBA’s then you should start at the a cheaper RBA and learn how to build and wrap your coils. This learning curve will allow you to learn how to get your ohms where you want them, and eventually get them as low as you want to blow bigger clouds. If you are starting out and want the Best Rebuildable Atomizer RDA at the most affordable price, then I suggest getting an IGO-W dripper. For only $24.95 you can learn to build your dripper tank and practice learning how to wrap your coils. In order to build your dripper, you will need the best building material and Ekowwol and Kanthal is the best for building your tank. You can get all of these building supplies directly at our online store in the Tank section. When it comes to ekowwol, the lower the mm of ekowwol, the less absorbent area you have for you coil. This is best in small tanks. If you want more absorbent material to last longer, then you can get the 3mm ekowwol. When it comes to wrapping your coils with Kanthal, the lower the gaige the less resistance there is. If you go with a 26 gauge Kanthal wire, you will get your ohms down lower. If you go with a larger gauge like 32 gauge Kanthal, you will have more resistance, thus bringing your ohms up higher on your dripper.

Best Rebuildable Atomizer

If you are looking to get into a genesis style tank and want to optimize your flavor and still blow large clouds then you can get a good genesis style tank like the AGA-T2 genies style tank. This is a very affordable genesis style tank to learn how to build genies style tanks at an affordable cost. The nest step up and a great tank is the RSST genesis style tank. This is one of the Best Rebuildable Atomizer tanks when it comes to rebuildable tanks.

Best High End Rebuildable Atomizer

If you are looking to get into the high end RBA tanks, and you wan the Best Rebuildable Atomizer, you have a few options from our site. The Nimbus atomizer is one of the Best Rebuildable Atomizers for the price. At only $70, this is a very popular and well known brand of RBA’s out of the Philippines. You can get your ohms down low and blow some huge clouds on this 3 post dripper design. If you are looking into the Best High End Rebuildable Atomizer genesis style tank, the Prometheus is one of the best genesis style tanks out there, and the flavor is amazing!

When learning to rebuild tanks, it is highly suggest to get a Vape OHM meter and make sure you can know what your ohms are at when you are rebuilding. This can allow you t see how you adjust the coils to bring the ohms up or down based on how you rebuild. You can pick up a vape ohm meter in our store by clicking the link above.

Vape OHM Meter


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