• K100 Reviews K100 Review

    K100 Review By Vapor Hub

    We decided to do a K100 Review for all of those who are looking to get into the mechanical mods. The Kamry K100 is an obvious copy of the look of the Empire PV Mod from Empire Mods, if not a part-for-part clone. The K100, for example, features a 510 connector, unlike the Empire Mod’s 901. The brass parts of the Empire Mod, such as the switch, are replaced in the K100 with stainless steel, and it’s a somewhat longer mod, mostly due to more internal space being taken up by the bottom-mounted switch. This extra length is particularly apparent in 18350 mode. Where an 18350 would completely hide the center telescoping tube in the Empire mod, there is still about an inch of it visible in the K100; there is no configuration we’ve found in which the telescoping tube is completely hidden. Internal contacts are stainless steel in our K100 Review.

    K100 Review

    Like the Empire mod, the K100 is available in a variety of anodized colors, though the variety is not nearly as wide as that of the Empire mod, and not nearly as detailed. The two-toned option of the Empire in the body and sleeve, for example, are not available; the anodized parts of the Kamry K100 are all only available in a single color.

    K100 Reviews For Mechanical Mods

    The matching drip sleeve and drip tip give the Kamry K100 a nice, consistent look, though the sleeve will not be usable with anything bigger than a standard size atomizer or cartomizer. This sleeve screws down into the eGo well around the 510 connector, and we found it, when attached, to be just slightly shorter than a Boge standard-length cartomizer. As a result, we had to choose between either leaving it slight loose, or allowing a millimeter or two of the cartomizer to protrude from the top of the sleeve in our K100 Reviews.

    K101 Blue Mod Kit

    The bottom button in our K100 Review includes a locking ring, though the way the switch is built, it’s hardly needed. Our Kamry K100 had a very stiff switch spring, and it’s not likely it would ever go off accidentally. Even when the mod is stood on end, the switch would not move when we were doing our full K100 Review.

    Reviews on the K100 And K101

    K101 Mod Black Kit

  • Chatsworth Vape Store eVic Review

    Joyetech eVic Review

    What is perhaps the most technologically advanced feature of the eVic is the user upgradable firmware, something that we haven’t seen before in the mod market and the computer connectivity. Enter the MVR, eVic’s computer software. It’s not the best piece of software I’ve seen but it gets the job done. Most of the options are there for the geek-factor and do not in any way affect the operation. You can set a welcome message for the eVic screen, the time and date.. with version 1.3 you can even set an alarm. The MVR holds an array of data on how you vape that you can geek out after using the eVic for a while, these include Voltage, Wattage, Puffs and Resistance. There’s no Puff timer in the software but the device does show a timer when the button is activated. Never-the-less through the MVR you get access to vapor-sets, which offer you the ability to change your vapor voltage/wattage during a draw according to a custom curve you have predefined in the software.. think of it as “variable variable voltage”.

    Joyetech eVic Reviews

    The device itself is not bad on the eyes, a bit on the plane side but the same can be argued about all tube mods. It’s very light at 74grams but unfortunately the combination of the aluminum battery tube, and the heavy lcd screen with computer chip at the top of the mod, makes it very top heavy and unbalanced. It was also built with flat top batteries in mind which if you already own a bunch of 18650′s is somewhat of an inconvenience since it is just a hair too short for them.. meaning that if you insist on screwing it all the way down the spring collapses and the battery bottom can get scratched. If you are using the kit however all of that is of no concern since the battery/ies included are the exact size for it.

    Between the lag, the narrow window of vaping setups imposed by the many limitations and the price tag of $100 this falls under the “try before you buy” category. I do enjoy the vape off it and absolutely love the technology included but that is just for my personal preference. There is promises of technology updates which joytech releases quite often, but overall this is a great mod if you’re for a technologically advanced set up, but if you’re looking for something basic, then i would not suggest this mod.

    Joyetech eVic Review From Vapor  Hub

  • Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review

    Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review

    Looking at this mod from an aesthetics point of view, it has a nice bulky, light weight design, and almost has the look of a light saber. One of the reasons this mod is so light weight is because it is made out of an aluminum alloy for not only weight purposes, but for an all over durable design. This mod also has three slits of it missing, which exposes the batter. The reason for this is because it will make it even more lighter, and it will give the battery excellent ventilation to prevent it from over heating. This mod will only fit 18650 batteries, which might be slightly inconvenient, but the battery life of this variable voltage mod cannot be beat.

    Tesla Variable Volt Mod Reviews

    The Tesla Mod is infact variable voltage, so you can switch any where from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts which can be switched by pressing the “=” or -“‘ button on the front of the mod, the volts are displayed on the lcd screen on the front of the mod. This mod also has a built in ohm reader, so you can screw any tank onto this mod, and by holding the “+” button for about 3 seconds, it will desplay the resistance on the lcd screen. The tesla mod can also read how many volts are left in the batter by holding the “-” button. A fully charged battery will be at about 4.3 volts, and when it is about to die it will go down to about 3.3 volts.

    Tesla Variable Volt Mod Review

    The tesla mod also has a few features which will prevent itself from over heating. If you attempt to take a hit for longer than 10 seconds, it will automatically stop hitting. This feature is good for when you put the mod inside your pocket, you dont have to worry about burning out the coil. The Tesla mod also has a feature where if it gets too hot outside it will automatically shit off to protect itself from shutting down. If you find the perfect voltage for your tesla mod and you want to make sure it stays at that voltage, you can hold the “+” and “-” symbol at the same time to lock the voltage that it is set at. If you are looking for a variable voltage mod that runs like a work horse and wont break the bank, then the tesla mod is the way to go.

  • Vapor Shop Chatsworth GMS Mod V-Creations Review

    GMS Mod V-Creations Review


    Looking at this mod from an aesthetics point of view, it looks like a solid built mod with a polish finish, with a nice sturdy design. it includes a solid brass top cap, along with a well built brass bottom firing button. The bottom firing button is recessed to prevent firing when you set it down on a flat surface, this also allows the mod to stand up straight without tipping over. The body is composed out of 304 grade stainless steel for not only a sleek design, but also for durability purposes. The brass top cap also includes deep air wells for exceptional air flow on non-rebuildable tanks. 

    GMS Mod V-Creations Review

    GMS Mod Review By  V-Creations

    This mod includes 92.5% silver fire pins which allows the mod to fire consistently, and lower the voltage drop to 0.1. This firing pin is also floating which allows you to use any tank you desire, as well as allowing it to sit completely flush with the mod itself. The bottom firing button is removable which allows for easy cleaning. This mod also includes an over sized o-ring surrounding the bottom firing pin, which prevents the mod from firing without pressing the firing button, this o-ring is removable for cleaning purposes in this GMS Mod V-Creations Review.

    GMS Mod V-Creations Reviews

    Reviews on the GMS Mod By V-Creations

    This is a telescopic mod, it telescopes at the top of the mod which allows you to fit all 18 series batteries by twisting the top portion on the mod itself. This is a mod that was machined with exceptional precision, so the threading on this mod is nothing less than perfect. the telescoping portion of the mod telescopes like butter. The telescopic portion is not the only portion of the mod that has excellent threading. The bottom cap in our GMS Mod V-Creations Review shows a smooth firing button!

  • ChiYou Brass Clone Review ChiYou Clone Review

    ChiYou Clone Review For Mod Enthusiast 

    Our staff has done a full ChiYou Clone Review, and we are happy to report the good and the bad things in our ChiYou Clone Review. The Chiyou Clone is a great mod because it is super sturdy and a solid build and you can feel it in your hand, it’s as close as you can get to the real thing, accept for its about 1/4th the cost as a real one. Looking at it from an aesthetics point of view, it is a solid mod, it is made out of pure stainless steel or brass depending on which one you choose. It has multiple extensions caps which you can detach or attach to the Chiyou clone so you can fit all 18 serious batteries. The Chiyou has a really nice heavy weight sleek design on it, so the durability on it is close to perfect. It has two different adjustments to the firing pins you cane tune in the contact points to your needs. 

    ChiYou Clone Mod  Reviews And Features

    ChiYou Brass Clone Review

    Some of the issues I have noticed with this mod is the locking mechanism is a tad bit flimsy, and when it is unlocked it has misfire issues, this is not a spring loaded firing button, when you push the firing button, it pushes the entire battery up to the contact point opposed to some mods that have spring resistance for a firing button. These clones do intact have fake serial numbers on them, as well as the actual logo so don’t confuse it for a legit Chiyou mod review.

    ChiYou Gold Clone Review for this Mod And Specs

    Chi You Gold Clone Reviews
    There has been a few rumors going around that the brass Chiyou clone review gets very warm after a certain amount of usage, this could be because brass conducts very well, and since the brass Chiyou clone is in fact pure brass that heat conducts it faster than the stainless steel version would. I have personally tested out the Chiyou clone reviews and it does take quite a bit of messing around with it to get to to work with different size batteries, but once you get it tuned to whatever 18 series battery you are using this mod hits like a freight train, so if you are looking for a durable mod that also has a clean sleek design and hits like a champ without wanting to break the bank, then the Chiyou clone is a mod you should consider if you are looking for an affordable mod and want the looks of an expensive mod.

    ChiYou Silver Clone Review

    Chi You Gold Chrome review

  • ECC – Electronic Cigarette Convention September 2013

    ECC13′ – Electronic Cigarette Convention 2013



    Registration Line for the ECC 2013 in Anaheim









    Spotted Phil Busardo At the ECC checking our mod bag – he loved it


    Phil Busardo At ECC Checking out Our New Bag – Review to Come



  • GMS Mod Review GMS Mod Review

    GMS Mod Reviews From Vapor Hub Staff

    The GMS Mod Review by V-Creations is the newest mod to come out of the Philippines. This mod is very well built and has a heavy weight to it when you hold it in your hand. The GMS Mod was an awesome looking top cap with a brass crown look and with silver contacts this mod fires like a dream! The stainless steel body body has a smooth looks and has the GMS signature CNC etched into the telescoping body. On the GMS Mod the button is recessed into the bottom cap and has a solid O-Ring and that is heat resistant to make sure that there is a gap from the battery and the firing pin. The GMS Mod from V Creations is fully telescopic from 18350 to 18650 and even has more weight when an 18650 battery is inserted into the body. If you are looking for a top of the line mod, that has weight, looks, and design, the GMS Mod reviews top of the line and will blow some clouds on the tank of your choice. The trident looks amazing and reviews even better on the GMS Mod!!!

    GMS Mod Review – 100% Pure Quality Specs

    •304 Stainless steel body with etched GMS
    •Telescoping Body– Fits 18350-18650 series batteries.
    •Brass top cap with deep drip well
    •Brass firing button review
    •Pure silver pins (+,-)
    •Floating positive pin
    •Recessed firing button (No lock ring)

    GMS Mod Review specs On V-Creations

    GMS Mod Reviews


    Besides The GMS mod, make sure to check out our other reviews on the other unique mods that we carry like the Sentinel Mod La Edition which is very hard to come by, and we are the only ones that have this amazing mod in stock!