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Find 1031 Exchange DST Properties To Defer Your Capital Gains Tax

1031 Exchange DST Properties are becoming harder and harder to find when you are looking to defer your capital gains tax when you sell your real estate rental property. You may be searching for 1031 Exchange DST Properties for a long time on the internet, and come up with few options.Some companies advertise 1031 Exchange DST Properties on their website, but they might be old portfolios that are sold out and no longer available. When DST portfolio of properties open to the investors, they have a cap limit. Once the cap is reached, the portfolio is closed out an no longer available. Some 1031 Exchange DST Properties sell very quickly, and have a low cap rate. Some 1031 Exchange DST Properties have larger properties with a larger cap rate and may stay open to investors for a longer period of time. It is crucial that you have an updated list of 1031 Exchange DST Properties in a portfolio that is still open to the investors. We always maintain the most up to date list of 1031 Exchange DST Properties that are available and open to investors.

Multifamily 1031 Exchange DST Properties

One of our most popular portfolio of 1031 Exchange DST Properties is the multifamily trust portfolio. This DST of properties comprises of large multifamily apartment buildings all over the United States. Some of these multifamily 1031 Exchange DST Properties have an occupancy rate of 80-90% with hundreds of apartment units in the complex. This allows a large portion of rent as income to the DST. These multifamily apartment buildings are managed by the owners of the trust, and have funds available in reserve in case of issues or maintenance that needs to be done on the building.  The multifamily 1031 Exchange DST investment portfolio can pay anywhere from 5-7% cash distributions while still appreciating on the building. These multifamily apartment buildings are typically purchased in affluent up and coming cities in the United States with extensive research to ensure the occupancy will maintain a standard for the investor. Contact us today to see our most up to date and recent multifamily 1031 Exchange DST Properties that are available.

Healthcare 1031 Exchange DST Properties

Healthcare 1031 Exchange DST Properties are also a popular choice for investors. What makes the healthcare 1031 Exchange DST Properties a good suitable option for investors is the long term lease options with medical professionals. These medical buildings are purchased with the intention of getting medical professionals and signing a 10-20 year lease. The distributions on the healthcare properties can range from 5-7%. Having these long term lease contracts is a good security feature for those looking to invest in this portfolio. Contact us today to see the most recent up to date healthcare 1031 Exchange DST Properties that are available to invest in.

Self Storage 1031 Exchange DST Properties

Self storage 1031 Exchange DST Properties are a recent addition to the portfolio of investable properties that are now available. Self Storage 1031 Exchange DST Properties are becoming more and more popular with the rise of baby boomers moving out of state and needing storage facilities to store their personal belongings when they move out of state or downsizing. Self Storage 1031 Exchange DST Properties are also great properties from an income perspective. Consumers who purchase self storage will typically store their items for a long period of time, and are always in constant demand. Self storage 1031 Exchange DST Properties pay a little higher distribution percentage because of the smaller overhead and maintenance. If you are looking to get the most up to date self storage 1031 Exchange Properties available to invest in, contact us today.

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